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In this article we will consider some fundamental indicators and metrics of bitcoin. And based on this data,

NFT monthly volumes in August near $1 billion. Many people still wonder: – What is NFT? – Does

Recently, the hash ribbons indicator showed a buy signal. We decided to investigate whether this is really a

We recently wrote an article about the Binance Exchange, Binance’s intentions to change CEO, and what to expect

Recently, the Glassnode analytical company released a new weekly update of fundamental metrics. One of the main fundamental

According to coinmarketcap, the number of altcoins is more than 11,000. Many people keep asking me: When to

As early as tomorrow, August 5, 2021, the London Hard Fork will take place. One of the most

Over the past two weeks, Bitcoin has grown by 45%. But globally, it still ranges from $ 31,000

The hype of digital currencies continues to attract new and new investors. However, in order to play the

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