This course was created so that you can finally significantly improve your trading. We have been in trading for many years and we have talked to a lot of traders : most of them failed. Often the reason is the same: laziness/unwillingness/lack of ability to learn. And even if they tried to learn something – they had no foundation: they didn’t know how to place Stop-Loss, they didn’t know the difference between short sell and long buy, the difference between investing and trading. These are fundamental issues, it’s not even a trading strategy! We don’t want you to repeat other people’s mistakes or trade blindly.This educational course will be your base on the way to becoming a successful trader. Now we will lay the foundation to build a beautiful house full of awareness, success and stable income brick by brick.

We have created this course for beginners and included the most important topics:

  • What is the blockchain world of cryptocurrencies?
  • Risk management. Why is it so important in trading?
  • Account creation. Sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. How to create your account and be safe about your money?
  • Trader’s dictionary.
  • Fundamental and technical analysis. How to analyze the market using these methods?
  • Many practical examples of trading.

And a lot of other topics in the crypto trading world.

We will cover all the most important topics and you will understand how the market works and what to do with it. Don’t miss your chance!