❓Why do many people lose in trading?


👥 Many people come into trading and think it’s easy. Trading is the same job as a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant, a manager. First, it takes time to become a highly skilled specialist, you will not become a famous surgeon in a couple of months. You need experience and practice. You also need to practice in trading. And secondly, trading is as routine as an accountant. The money has come – we need to make it out, and in trading you need to sit and wait for your entrance point. The market is chaos, and chaos is defeated by the system, and the system is destroyed by chaos. To become a trader and earn money, you need a clear action plan. You need to systematically execute your signals. Those who do not execute them and trade on shoes, like a driver who flies 200 on the counter and dodges cars, always can not drive, he will crash sooner or later. And on the market you will lose your deposit. Trading rules in trading, they are like traffic rules on the street, they show you where to trade and where not to stand. For example, you’re in a hurry and there’s a big traffic jam ahead, you don’t give gas to get into it, if you fly into it, you won’t get to your goal. Also in trading, there are no situations – sit back and take your time, otherwise you won’t get to your financial goal!

❗️ And remember – your deposit is in your hands!
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