The 5 stages become a trader 💻👇


1️⃣ level. Unconscious incompetence.
The first step is when you’re looking at the charts: the price is moving up and down, nothing complicated, you can trade.

2️⃣ level. Conscious incompetence.
In the second stage, you realize that you are an incompetent trader – you do not have the skills and the knowledge to make a stable profit.
You jump from one method to another. In reality, it can take years. At this period most likely you are disappointed and about to give up.

3️⃣ level. “Eureka!”.
After this moment, it seems like you are realizing. You start working with only one system that fits your trading style. You are getting happier as have defined your risk threshold.

4️⃣ level. Conscious competence.
Now, at this point, most frequently you are in the plus zone. You still have to think about your deals and make a lot of observations, however, you are getting starting making more money than you lose consistently.

5️⃣ level. Unconscious competence.
Trading becomes a routine – daily work. Your trading method hasn’t changed but got better. Now you understand what is called intuition in trading.

If you are doing nothing right now and you’re ready to give up, ask yourself one simple question:
“Are you willing to put a year in learning trading skills to earn 1 million USD?”

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