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Be like Alex , do not be like Jack!

Many of my students have a bad experience working with scam brokers.

I will tell you the story of one of them!He decides to try different brokers and get a lot of bonuses from them……Everyone loves to get a lot of attention.

So, the managers of these brokers called him every few times a day.They told many beautiful stories about a wonderful life with a bag of money, expensive vacation, sports cars, and personal Jet…))).

But when they talk about such things, they sit in a small room without air conditioning, dressed in cheap clothes and eating fast food.

Yes, he will get it all if he cheats you and hundreds of other novice traders!

Then you can think about the police, court, or indictment, but they just change their head office address and contact phone number.

They never refund money, except when you have a good influential friend.I have two videos for you on my youtube channel.

The first one is about how to identify a cheating broker and the second one about how to choose a reliable broker.

I recommend that you check both of them and never make the same mistake as my friend.

He did not get his money back and that managers (traders, bots) are losing most of their deposit.

Be careful, take care of your money, take care of your nerves, take time… be like Alex!).

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