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How to scalp, and use DOM and footprint?

How to scalp, and use DOM and footprint? domfootprint 1024x576

In this article, I will try to show you what scalping is and how important the DOM and footprint are.

This is a screenshot of the DOM & footprint showing that 1800 bitcoins were traded at the bottom of the candle.

That’s quite a large volume, 1800 BTC = $57600000, that’s a volume that can turn the price.

As you can actually find in the chart below, after someone bought 1,800 BTC, the price went up 8%.

If you want to learn more about Footprint and DOM, go and watch the video about it

And this is another example, in the footprint you can see how someone sold 350 BTC.

After that, the price was adjusted quite strongly, namely by 9%, you can see more details in the chart below!

If you are interested in learning how to trade using Footprint and Depth of Market, go to the course page and book your participation.