What is BikoTrading Academy?

Bikotrading Mentoring Academy is a leading global consulting company led by Yuriy Bishko, a Ukrainian Top 5 Crypto trader (ranking from TradingView.com).

We will:

  • build financial prosperity with realistic goals and expectations
  • share professional experience
  • provide compulsory practical weekly plan
  • provide full-time support

With Bikotrading Academy, You Will Get:

  • Trading recommendations in the Crypto market
  • Entry/Exit points tips
  • Unlimited daily trading plans WEEKLY & DAILY
  • Extensive video reviews of crypto coins that YOU WANT
  • Private Q&A live
  • PSYCHOLOGICAL GUIDE on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses
  • Exposure to fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches
  • Access to an environment of 300+ PROFESSIONAL TRADERS these days


A client-centered approach

You'll get an analysis of YOUR COINS or PAIRS and see how FULL-TIME PROFITABLE TRADERS handle different Crypto market conditions in real time...

Applicable and Proven Knowledge

You'll get an analysis of YOUR COINS or PAIRS and see how FULL-TIME PROFITABLE TRADERS handle different Crypto market conditions in real time...

Real profits from copy-pasting

You'll start earning +110% +205% +314% +423% +550% +1183% +6703% per trade and will earn 20-50% income per month on a regular basis because you will see my strategy, tactics and technique that has been tested and proven many times...

Investors of all levels are accepted

Whether you're trading with $50 or $5,000, you'll finally have the confidence to know how to increase your chances for better results.

Our best work

Rely on us and learn with us to dramatically increase your account balance to make your dreams come true in 2021.

Our team

Yuriy Bishko

Is a full-time Ukrainian trader. 8 years in the Crypto market. He is especially interested in the psychology of trading, discipline as well as evaluating and improving risk management and strategy building.

Artem Dishel

Is a full-time Ukrainian trader. He has 6 years in the Crypto market. His valuable skills include understanding the ebb and flow of market structure over multiple time periods. He is an adaptable expert to all market conditions.

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Crypto Alerts

  • You will receive examples of our trades in which we open positions
  • Risk:Reward Ratio = 1-3 , 1-5 , and more
  • We are in profit even if we have a 40-50% winning rate, and in huge profit when it is higher.
  • Use this as a real practice for your learning

Trading Plans

  • Videos & Screenshots of the current situation of + 70 Crypto pairs
  • Useful weekly Trading Plans for profitable pairs
  • Daily trading analysis on a pair YOU WANT

Chat For Communication

  • Tag Yuriy or/and his analyst to get an answer to any of your questions
  • Share or/and get ideas & thoughts with other traders
  • Communicate with more experienced traders

Fundamentals Analysis

  • Social…Economic…Political factors behind the price action

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