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People who see value in cryptocurrency are planning for their quick retirement count on BikoTrading company to help them confidently navigate major financial goals like a diversified strong portfolio, a yearly extension of their capital, and build their own lifestyle.

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5 years For 5 years teaching people to trade BTC, ETH, BNB, and more
5000 students +73 427 followers on
1000 members +1200% of the yearly profit since 2017
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Our professionalism helps students accomplish all their financial goals by copying-pasting what works, instead of inventing the wheel

Choosing to learn with BikoTrading company is a choice to be part of a growing community that’s invested in each learner’s growth and success

Yuriy Bishko
Yuriy Bishko
  • CEO & Co-founder of the BikoTrading
  • 8 years of experience
  • Middle-term strategist
Order-Flow trader
Yaroslav Krasko
Yaroslav Krasko

Founder of the Greenwich program

Developer of trading indicators

6 years of experience

Quantitative Trader & Investor
Alex Dehtiarov
Alex Dehtiarov

Investment Analyst

Portfolio manager

Head of BikoTrading Investing

Fund Manager

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Undoubtedly, the best part of what we do is get such awesome comments from a lot of great clients we support and take them from frustrated, and tired to confident and happy crypto dudes every day ...

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You can book a Zoom meeting with an expert. He will carefully analyze the situation you are in and estimate how BikoTrading can help you to level up and achieve your financial goals within the shortest possible time.

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