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People who see value in cryptocurrency are planning for their quick retirement count on BikoTrading company to help them confidently navigate major financial goals like a diversified strong portfolio, a yearly extension of their capital, and build their own lifestyle.

5 years For 5 years teaching people to trade BTC, ETH, BNB, and more
5000 students +73 427 followers on TradingView. com
1000 members +1200% of the yearly profit since 2017
90% students +1000 clients are in touch with us daily

Our professionalism helps students accomplish all their financial goals by copying-pasting what works, instead of inventing the wheel

Choosing to learn with BikoTrading company is a choice to be part of a growing community that’s invested in each learner’s growth and success

Yuriy Bishko
Yuriy Bishko
  • CEO & Co-founder of the BikoTrading
  • 8 years of experience
  • Middle-term strategist
Order-Flow trader
Yaroslav Krasko
Yaroslav Krasko

Founder of the Greenwich program

Developer of trading indicators

6 years of experience

Quantitative Trader & Investor
Alex Dehtiarov
Alex Dehtiarov

Investment Analyst

Portfolio manager

Head of BikoTrading Investing

Fund Manager

By studying at Bikotrading Academy you get a comprehensive trading education package:

  • Professional support and customized trading
  • Market news and analytics
  • Investment plans and a closed community of traders
  • Mentoring programs and online consultations
  • Trading with a professional, practical tasks and monitoring
  • User-friendly online platforms, video tutorials, and trading training

Results of our students

Undoubtedly, the best part of what we do is get such awesome comments from a lot of great clients we support and take them from frustrated, and tired to confident and happy crypto dudes every day ...

All our students enjoy the unique advantages of our cooperation:

  • Assistance in developing a trading strategy
  • Access to relevant knowledge and experience
  • Personalized approach and support during the crypto currency trading education
  • Opportunity to practice and track results
  • Learning the basics of trading and profitable strategies
Trading Education & How To Trade Crypto
Trading Education & How To Trade Crypto 2
Trading Education & How To Trade Crypto 3
Trading Education & How To Trade Crypto 4
Trading Education & How To Trade Crypto 5
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Master the Market With Proven Strategies

Why waste years when you can learn crypto trading in a matter of weeks?
How much time do you spend learning complex trading strategies on your own that don't yield the expected results?

  • You will learn to read the market like a professional and understand the reasons for price changes in the market.
  • You will be confident that your decisions and trades are based on reliable data and proven strategies.
  • You will be able to share your experience with other traders in our professional group.
Get Your Questions Answered Here
Where can I learn crypto trading?
We have a lot of free materials on the site: articles, videos, guides, and everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies and trading them. We also have a comprehensive training program with experienced traders and experts. Contact us to learn more!

Is cryptocurrency a good investment for beginners?
Cryptocurrencies are a good investment for beginners, but only if you have the proper knowledge and skills. We always insist on diving into the market as it is important to understand it first and only then move on to practice. We fully support you from learning to developing your own trading strategy.

Where to find an informative crypto futures trading course?
Our team has developed an exclusive course to teach you how to trade with the Order Flow strategy, we offer training in a group or with one-on-one coaching, and we also provide advice on investment plans.

How do I choose a safe and reliable crypto exchange?
We recommend Bybit as a safe partner with favorable conditions for our students. Bybit offers a high level of security, a wide range of cryptocurrencies, competitive fees, and a user-friendly interface. We provide full support at all stages of your cryptocurrency trading.

How do I develop a personalized trading plan?
It is important to divide this process into several stages, define goals, research the market, set entry/exit rules, and learn how to manage capital. We understand that this process may seem complicated, which is why we are with you every step of the way! Test your strategy on a demo account and keep an eye on the market.

How much money should I invest in cryptocurrency?
We recommend starting with a demo account on the exchange and a small amount, for example, $100. Studying the market and learning how to understand price movements will allow you to increase your investment and gradually grow your account. Cryptocurrency trading is a marathon, not a sprint, so it is better to focus on a long-term strategy.

What courses offer the best day trading education?
We offer individualized training for day traders. Our various programs and platforms will develop the necessary skills, and the materials will help you get started. The Bikotrading team trains beginners and experienced traders, as well as provides support in choosing assets for investment and achieving passive income.

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