From complete beginners to seasoned pros: our company can guide you through the complex world of cryptocurrency and help you achieve a steady stream of income!

What is Bikotrading Academy?

Bikotrading Academy is a team of professionals with over 8 years of experience in the cryptocurrency industry. Our goal is to help clients navigate the world of cryptocurrency and make successful and profitable investments.

We provide high-quality education for beginners and experienced traders, and offer access to investment opportunities and materials that enable our clients to make successful and profitable investments.

Our team provides services that cover various aspects of the cryptocurrency market - from education and consultation to investing and capital management. We help our clients understand how the cryptocurrency market works and how to profit from investments.

Join Bikotrading Academy to receive support from our team of professionals, understand the cryptocurrency market, and make successful and profitable investments in this industry.

Our mission is to help our clients understand the cryptocurrency market, make profitable investments, and earn more profit. Join Bikotrading Academy and help yourself become successful in the world of cryptocurrency.

Our official contacts are:

Below is a list of contacts for our account manager. Please feel free to reach out to us using any method that is convenient for you, and we will assist you with your inquiry. Be careful of scammers, and only use the contacts listed on our official website.

Tel +442037696338

Email -

Discord - Tomas_Bikotrading#5223 / tomas_bikotrading


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What we do


  • Personal trades
  • Trading plans
  • News
  • Group chat for communication


  • Private one-on-one video sessions
  • Trading with expert online
  • Weekly homework with expert feedback
  • Much practice and tracking progress

Digital programs

  • Many video lessons
  • Main 11 topics are explained with ease
  • Examples how analyze, open positions, and get 20% - 50% profit MONTHLY !

Expert support

  • MT4 and Softwares
  • Opening positions
  • Best exchanges and broker
  • Risk management: Stop-loss/Take-profit
  • Trading chart explanation
  • Access to video materials & classroom
  • etc

Our Team

Yuriy Bishko

Yuriy Bishko

Co-founder of the BikoTrading
8 years of experience
Order Flow Trader

Yaroslav Krasko

Yaroslav Krasko

Founder of the Greenwich program

Developer of trading indicators

6 years of experience

Quantitative Trader & Investor

Alex Dehtiarov

Alex Dehtiarov

Investment Analyst

Portfolio manager

Head of BikoTrading Investing

Fund Manager

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