From complete beginners to seasoned pros: our company can guide you through the complex world of cryptocurrency and help you achieve a steady stream of income!

Bikotrading Academy

Your reliable partner in the world of crypto trading

Bikotrading Academy is a team of traders, investors, analysts, and financial experts in cryptocurrency trading. We help beginners and experienced traders alike to trade smarter by providing safe solutions for making profits from trading and crypto investments.

✔️ Our community of crypto investors provides all the tools you need to learn how to trade with the skills and confidence of professionals.

✔️ We develop tools and strategies that help improve trading performance.

✔️ Our courses help you to learn and develop in the field of crypto trading with the support of professional traders.

✔️ We work for those who want to have an effective strategy for accumulating funds or become financially independent.


Our mission

We provide simple but powerful tools for safe and effective earnings on the crypto market.

With our training programs, advice, and support, you can:

✔️ Build a solid knowledge and skills base for effective trading;

✔️ Understand the cryptocurrency market and how it works;

✔️ Choose the most profitable points for opening trades.


Why Bikotrading Academy?

We know what it's like to start from scratch, improve your trading skills on your own, and make mistakes. We have personally gone through all the difficulties of beginner traders and investors and have achieved stability in this craft, working in the crypto market for over 9 years. 

We understand that every trader or investor is unique, and we work to provide you with a personalized approach that takes into account your capabilities, strategy, and goals. We are proud of our results and achievements, and we are ready to share them with you. 

Our goal is to help you avoid initial mistakes and quickly develop your potential in the cryptocurrency world.


Bikotrading Academy training programs

We offer training and professional assistance for traders with different levels of knowledge in the field of cryptocurrency trading.

Crypto trading

Learn the most advanced trading techniques and strategies. From the moment you buy your first coin to complex strategies and market analysis, we share knowledge and secrets that will help you improve your income and avoid being taken advantage of by the market.


Understand how to create your own investment portfolio and maximize your profits. We do not teach you boring rules, but help you make real and profitable investments.

Private community of crypto traders

We not only teach you but also support you at every stage of your trading journey. Study real-life trade examples with explanations, get daily market analysis and join online meetings with the best traders.

Asset management

A professional service that allows investors to outsource the management of their funds to experienced professionals. This approach allows you, as a client, to make money on the cryptocurrency market without having to personally invest your time and effort in market analysis, learning the ins and outs of trading, or constantly monitoring price fluctuations.

Our company can help you increase your profits in the cryptocurrency market: learn more about our services right now!

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What we do


  • Personal trades
  • Trading plans
  • News
  • Group chat for communication


  • Private one-on-one video sessions
  • Trading with expert online
  • Weekly homework with expert feedback
  • Much practice and tracking progress

Digital programs

  • Many video lessons
  • Main 11 topics are explained with ease
  • Examples how analyze, open positions, and get 20% - 50% profit MONTHLY !

Expert support

  • MT4 and Softwares
  • Opening positions
  • Best exchanges and broker
  • Risk management: Stop-loss/Take-profit
  • Trading chart explanation
  • Access to video materials & classroom
  • etc

Our Team

Yuriy Bishko

Yuriy Bishko

Co-founder of the BikoTrading
8 years of experience
Order Flow Trader

Yaroslav Krasko

Yaroslav Krasko

Founder of the Greenwich program

Developer of trading indicators

6 years of experience

Quantitative Trader & Investor

Alex Dehtiarov

Alex Dehtiarov

Investment Analyst

Portfolio manager

Head of BikoTrading Investing

Fund Manager

Our company can help you increase your profits in the cryptocurrency market: learn more about our services right now!