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PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS/TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE AND OTHER RELATED SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS (referred to herein as the “Terms of Use” or the “Agreement”). By using this website and other related social media platforms, you signify your consent to these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, please do not use the website.

Your access to and use of this website, as well as all related websites and other related social media platforms (collectively the “Site” and/or "social media platforms") operated by BIKO TRADING GROUP Company (“we”, “us,” “our” and/or the “Company”), is subject to these Terms of Use and all applicable laws. By accessing and browsing social media platforms, you accept, without limitation or qualification, the Terms of Use and acknowledge that any other agreements between you and us are superseded and of no force or effect.

BIKO TRADING GROUP Company provides access to the knowledge and experience of some of the top traders in the world. However, we are not a licensed broker or advisor, and any trades made by you are voluntary and at your own risk. As with all forms of investing, trading involves the risk of loss of principal.


These General Terms and Conditions regulate the legal regime of the use of materials offered by BIKO TRADING GROUP Company, as well as establish the procedure for providing services.



2.1 Parties and subject of the agreement

The present General Terms and Conditions constitute a user agreement concluded by you and BIKO TRADING GROUP Company.

The subject of the agreement is the use of paid services that we offer on our website:, as well as on other social media platforms. (hereinafter referred to as “Service” or “Services”)

2.2 Terms of use of paid services

The user can be any person who accepts the terms of the user agreement and uses the materials of our social media platforms, as well as uses the services of our social media platforms, for reasons not related to commercial goals or business activities. To purchase services, the user must have full legal capacity and be a person over 18 years of age.

2.3 Using of intellectual property

All Content, such as text, data, graphics files, videos and sound files, and other materials contained on this website and our other social media platforms, are copyrighted unless otherwise noted and are the property of the Company and/or a supplier to the Company. No such materials may be used except as provided in these Terms of Use.

Copying, use (reproduction) and distribution of materials posted on social media platforms or provided to the user during the provision of paid services, as well as the use of content for the purpose of conducting competitive activities without the written permission of the copyright holder, is strictly prohibited and prosecuted by law.

Any violation of copyright and related rights is prosecuted in accordance with international law and entails civil, administrative and criminal liability.

2.4 Additional terms and conditions

The Company reserves the right to impose additional terms and conditions for the use of materials and services that are mandatory.

These Terms of Use may be revised from time to time by updating this posting. You are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to review the current Terms of Use.

While the Company uses reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information in social media platforms, the Company makes no warranties or representations as to its accuracy. The Company assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of the social media platforms.


We may combine the information we receive from you and about you, including information you provide to us and information we automatically collect through the BikoTrading Academy Services, as well as information collected across other computers or devices that you may use, from other online or offline sources, and from third party sources. This combined information may be used in any manner detailed in this privacy policy.

3.1 Paid services and free materials of BIKO TRADING GROUP

The scope of services offered by the Company available to you depends on the conditions of the purchased product and the package of services.

The terms of using a paid subscription are governed by the provisions of a separate agreement (offer) that you conclude with the Company during the subscription process.

For Advertising Customisation and Analytics Purposes, such as to:


Please note that some prepaid packages of services involve accessing several services or training programs at once. However, if this is not the case, in order to receive information materials on additional training programs, you need to purchase such services separately.

Some training programs involve independent work and the performance of certain tasks (homework), which are part of the service delivery process.

3.2 Prices and cost of services

The price of the services you purchase (a training program package or a subscription to our service) may be published by us on our social media platforms, or specified in a message sent to you at the previously specified address.

3.3 Subscription process

When you sign up for a paid subscription, you determine the subscription plan and calendar period on your own, based on the current offer published on or our other social media platforms. Subscription is considered to be executed after your acceptance of the CONDITIONS of the contract and payment for the services (i.e. after successful entry of payment data and debiting of funds). By paying for the service, you automatically AGREE TO THE REFUND POLICY.

The cost of services in the currency of the payment is displayed on the page of payment for services and in the bank statement on your card. The payment amount always includes the payment system commission for making the payment, whereby the cost of services is the difference between the amount of payment made by you and the payment system commission amount.


4.1 By using free materials or purchasing paid services on the social media platforms, you accept these General Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the content of these documents, stop using the services.

4.2 When you register with the Company, you expressly consent to receive any notices, announcements, agreements, disclosures, reports, documents, communications concerning new products or services, or other records or correspondence from the Company. You consent to receive notices electronically by way of registering or otherwise communicating with us electronically through the social media platforms.

4.3 The client, who is seen in the poaching of clients or copywriting, transferring information to third parties, is blocked without the right of return and without the right to refund.


The order of formation and conclusion of the relevant transaction depends on the product (service package) you choose and the method of payment.

5.1 The conclusion of the user agreement

Purchase multiple products or additional services

By purchasing services on our website, you can at any time interrupt the process of making a purchase and correct any input errors until the moment of completion of the purchase process – payment for a package of services or input of correct payment details into the frame of the payment system for subscriptions.

BikoTrading Academy is a global business and it, or its service providers, may process, transfer and store information about our users on servers located in a number of countries outside the EEA, including the United States. When we transfer your information outside the EEA, we always have approved model clauses in place and we make sure that any such transfers are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and using adequate and appropriate safeguards. To find out more about how we safeguard your information (including obtaining a copy of such safeguards) in relation to transfers outside the EEA, please contact us via the details provided in the ‘Contact Us’ section below.


6.1 User Agreement

User agreement, entered into between you and the Company in connection with the use of the Company materials, is considered concluded for an indefinite period of time.

<span">The term of the User Agreement (Service Agreement) entered into in connection with the purchase of a prepaid package or subscription to a service is determined by the terms of the package or subscription terms published on the product page on our social media platforms or agreed upon personally with the manager.


7.1 Charging of funds

In case of purchasing a service package, at the time of entering into the Service Agreement, the amount of the ordered services may be charged as a lump sum or on a subscription basis, depending on the service and the period of use.

7.2 Subscription term

Our subscriptions are offered for various minimum periods of time (minimum subscription term) and will automatically renew for the same minimum subscription term until you or we cancel the renewal. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that subscriptions expire in calendar days, regardless of whether or not you have used the services for which you are subscribed.

7.3 Limited duration of access to content

You get access to paid content for the duration of your subscription.

7.4 You will get unlimited access to paid content, depending on the selected subscription period, for thirty (30) days / six months / "lifetime", starting from the day the initial payment is processed (subscription). The day following the end of the paid period, the subscription is automatically renewed for the next subscription period of thirty (30) days/semi-months on a monthly/semi-monthly basis. Subscriptions are charged monthly/semi-annually until you cancel. Since there is no long term agreement, the cost of your subscription may change starting with the next subscription period.

Option to subscribe to a service that defines the term "lifetime" as the duration in which the Company is active and offering "lifetime subscription" as a product. Should the Company no longer offer the "lifetime subscription", the client is not entitled to any refund, partial refund, or compensation in any form.

If you elect to access or use our Services that involve payment of a fee, then you agree to pay, and will be responsible for payment of, that fee and all taxes associated with such access or use. When you provide credit card information to pay for such fees then you hereby represent and warrant that you are authorized to supply such information and hereby authorize the Company to charge your credit card on a regular basis to pay the fees as they are due.

When your subscription expires, you lose access to the service and all rights to unused content.


If your debit card was not debited or the payment was declined through your fault (e.g. there are not enough funds on your card, or the credit limit on your card has expired), a second attempt to charge your card will be automatically made the next day after the first debit attempt. In case the second attempt to charge the card was unsuccessful the third attempt will be made on the third day. After five failed charges, we will suspend your subscription. We reserve the right to charge your card/account for any additional fees or other charges due to a declined payment due to your negligence.


The subscription must be paid by your personal bank card, using the payment system on the site, unless another payment method was not previously agreed with a manager of the Company. Bank card is considered linked to your account after sending payment data or after linking the card in your personal profile. After you sign up, your card is charged for the minimum subscription period. In case of automatic reactivation of the subscription for a new period the funds will be deducted on the first day of the new period.

After the first payment, your card is charged automatically and does not require any additional approval (action) from you. By sending payment data you authorize us to debit your bank card on the conditions of the chosen tariff plan. By using your bank card to subscribe or pay for a subscription you confirm that you have the right to dispose of the funds on your bank card and you are responsible for providing false information about the cardholder or the unauthorized use of another person's bank card. You have the right to cancel your subscription at any time. To do this, contact our support team.


8.1 Service Denial Policy

After conclusion of the User Agreement (Service Agreement), purchase of a single package of services or subscription to a certain period of services provided by the Company, in each case you will have the right to refuse to receive services and get a refund.

You have the right to refuse to receive services within 7 calendar days from the date of payment for the ordered package of services or subscription to the service.

If you have already watched 3 or more blocks of educational course the refund will NOT be possible.

To register a refusal of services and receive a refund, strictly follow these recommendations.

The company does not return funds due to the termination or suspension of its activities to clients with a lifetime subscription after 7 calendar days from the date of payment for the ordered package of service.

In order to meet the deadline for the refusal, you only need to notify us of the refusal no later than 7 calendar days from the date of payment for the service package / subscription date.

We consider payment in USD at the time of the transaction and in case of a refund, we return the amount in USD at the exchange rate per day of the return.

8.2 To cancel your subscription, contact our support team at

8.3 If you decide to cancel your subscription within seven (7) days, you will receive a refund ( with the 30% service chargeIn case of refusal> and payment system fees associated with the refund). If you cancel after seven (7) days, the amount you paid is non-refundable, and your subscription will continue until the last day of the paid period.

8.4 Consequences of refusal of services

If you have notified the Company of the cancellation of services within a specified period, the Company undertakes to return to you all payments received from you as payment for the product or subscription to the service from 1 to 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the request for a refund.

For refund will be used the same method of payment that you used when paying for services or any other will be used. If, when making a refund, it is necessary to pay any additional fees of payment systems related to the refund, the Company withholds the amount of the commission from the refund amount.

If you have already started using services during the period of refusal, the Company will deduct from the amount paid the amount of the cost of services actually rendered at the time of receipt of the notice of refusal proportional to the amount of services already rendered, relative to the total paid services.

8.5 The expiration of the failure period

In case the services were rendered in full, before the expiration of the refusal period and until the moment of receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract, no refund will be made.

In case of refusal to receive services in violation of the specified period, the refund is not carried out, and such refusal is considered a violation of the terms of the agreement.


We have the right to unilaterally cancel your subscription from the end of the paid subscription period or the period for which your subscription has been extended, provided that we give you at least seven (7) days written notice of the scheduled cancellation date. We also reserve the right to cancel your subscription in circumstances covered by the GENERAL CONDITIONS of the contract.


9.1 General provisions

In case of violation by the parties of their obligations, the provision of inaccurate information during the conclusion or during the execution of the transaction, the parties shall be liable in the manner established by the concluded User Agreement.

9.2 The company is responsible for:

  • violation of the terms of the User Agreement;
  • violation of the terms and conditions of service;
  • providing poor quality services.

9.3 The company is not responsible for:

– inability to provide services for reasons independent of the Company, including force majeure, disruption of communication lines, malfunction of equipment and software not owned by us;

– for complete or partial interruptions in the provision of services related to the replacement of equipment, software or other work caused by the need to maintain the efficiency and development of technical means (subject to prior notification of the user);

– violation of the security of the user's equipment and software used to obtain services;

– loss of confidential information or part thereof, if this is not the fault of the Company;

– any losses of third parties caused by no fault of ours.

9.4. You are responsible for:

– use by third parties of credentials used to gain access to information materials and services;

– use of materials posted on the site or provided to the user in the course of the provision of paid services, for the purpose of their subsequent resale, distribution or transfer to third parties or for the purpose of conducting competitive activities;

– violation of the terms of payment.

9.5. Disclaimer:

Our aggregate liability for any claim or claim is limited to the amount of the purchased service of inadequate quality or provided in violation of the deadlines.

In case of violation by the Company of the deadlines for the provision of services, the responsibility of the Company is limited solely to the extension of the deadlines for the provision of services or the provision of services in the new terms until the complete fulfillment of the Company’s obligations.

9.6 Responsibility of employees and agents of the Company

In cases where the Company’s liability is limited or excluded, the same limitation of liability or its exclusion applies to employees or agents of the Company.