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We teach client earn +20% to +50% per month by trading Crypto

What is Bikotrading Academy?

BIKOTRADING MENTORING ACADEMY is a worldwide leading trading advice company.

The main message that we broadcast to our clients is freedom and new opportunities. We help our students from all over the world to become financially independent and financially educated.

The mission of the company is to teach trading to people, so they do not lose, but increase their income. The experience of the Academy founders in this field helps to create perfect conditions for a successful career in trading. We know what it’s like to start from zero, and then improve your skills in trading and make mistakes. We’ve been through it all ourselves, so we offer training for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Our courses are suitable for those who want to learn how to manage their funds, to invest and receive passive income, but don’t know where to start. For those who want to have an effective strategy for saving for retirement or expensive purchases and want to become financially independent. For those who want to buy secur.

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About yura

Yuriy Bishko

is a full-time Ukrainian trader. 8 years in the Crypto market. He is especially interested in the psychology of trading, discipline as well as evaluating and improving risk management and strategy building.

About artem

Artem Dishel

Is a full-time Ukrainian trader. He has 6 years in the Crypto market. His valuable skills include understanding the ebb and flow of market structure over multiple time periods. He is an adaptable expert to all market conditions.

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