Vladyslav Yudashkin

Vladyslav Yudashkin



Trader, Analyst, Partner at BikoTrading, Chief of the Ukrainian education department 


Kyiv, Ukraine


The National Aviation University, Telecommunications


Scalping, Trading systems, Trading Psychology, Development of trading algorithms, coaching


  • 2+ years of experience in trading and investing in the cryptocurrency market
  • Founder of the “1 million” trading algorithm
  • Learned and improved on existing trading strategies: Trendline breakouts, Smart Money, Elliot Wave Analysis
  • Monthly trading volume is one million
  • Expert in using scalping strategies


Hello, my name is Vladyslav. In this short description, I want to get to know you and tell you a little bit about my professional path.

2020 - current time - was the first time I’ve heard about cryptocurrency.  I was working in sales and was wondering about ways of increasing my money supply. After reading “Gold Standard” I thought that BTC was the way. However, I entered the market on highs and was loosing money. That’s when I discovered Biko and started to take trading seriously. 2 years into the game and now I am successful scalper and consistently earn money via trading.

Quote from Vladyslav Yudashkin

Winners are the losers with the most amount of failures on their path. They didn’t concede and continued learning upon their mistakes until they became the top 5% of the field. Failing is normal, accepting failure is not. Work smart, work hard, and you will succeed.