How to get access and open the Greenwich indicator


By Yaroslav Krasko Updated March 23, 2022
BikoTrading Academy

1.Register on the site

2.Send us your nickname

trading view nickname

3.If you have been granted access, go to the CHART section

how to open bitcoin chart

4.Open a BTC / USD trading pair on the BITSTAMP exchange (this exchange has a long history of bitcoin, so it is important to choose it for the correct operation of the indicator, you can open trades on any exchange !!!)

btc usdt chart

5.Once the chart is open, select the weekly timeframe (this is necessary because the algorithms work only on this timeframe)

how to choose timeframe

6.Next, at the bottom of the chart, select the logarithmic display of the chart.

open log scale on trading view

7.The chart has been set up, now go to the Indicators tab, on this tab you will have a section - Invite-only scripts, go to this section, it will display an indicator called Biko, Click on it!

invite scripts on trading view

8. That's it, the indicator should open on your chart and be ready to use.

how to open greenwich indicator

For comfortable use, we recommend using a candlestick display of the price.

choose candles on trading view