VIP crypto community on discord

VIP crypto community on discord

Crypto Alerts

  • You will receive examples of our trades in which we open positions
  • Risk:Reward Ratio = 1-3 , 1-5 , and more
  • We are in profit even if we have a 40-50% winning rate, and in huge profit when it is higher.
  • Use this as a real practice for your learning

Trading Plans

  • Videos & Screenshots of the current situation of + 70 Crypto pairs
  • Useful weekly Trading Plans for profitable pairs
  • Daily trading analysis on a pair YOU WANT

Chat For Communication

  • Tag Yuriy or/and his analyst to get an answer to any of your questions
  • Share or/and get ideas & thoughts with other traders
  • Communicate with more experienced traders

Fundamentals Analysis

  • Social…Economic…Political factors behind the price action


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