Bybit. What is P2P trading? How to buy crypto?


By Yuriy Bishko Updated November 01, 2022
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After choosing an exchange and registering, the first question every beginner is facing is: "How to buy and sell cryptocurrency?". Quite a frequent and logical question, because when you first go to the main page of the exchange, your eyes run wide because of the number of buttons and interface functions. 


  • where is it best to buy crypto?
  • how to buy crypto on bybit?
  • what is p2p crypto trading?
  • how to buy using p2p on bybit?

In this article, we will answer all these questions and provide complete instructions on how to buy and sell cryptocurrency using cards and p2p trading.

What is P2P trading? How to buy cryptocurrency using P2P trading on the ByBit exchange?

P2P or person to person trading means the process of buying or selling of cryptocurrency directly, without the involvement of third parties and intermediaries. In our case, without the direct participation of the exchange. But at the same time, the exchange controls the security of transfers and acts as a platform on which the exchange between bidders actually takes place.

For greater clarity, consider a simple example: There are 2 bidders. One wants to buy 100 USDT (crypto dollar), the other at this time wants to sell 100 USDT and get 100 USD on his bank card. The first participant submits an application for purchase and transfers money from his bank card to another person's bank card. If a person has received funds in his bank account, he confirms this transfer and the exchange automatically transfers 100 USDT to the buyer's account on the exchange. Additionally, I would like to note that on average, a P2P transaction takes 2-5 minutes. And also the fact that the exchange fully controls the security of funds transfer.

Next, we move on to step-by-step instructions on how to buy and sell cryptocurrency using P2P trading on the ByBit exchange

1. In order to buy cryptocurrency, click on the Buy Crypto button on the main page of the exchange.

buy crypto

2. Next, below we choose P2P trading.

buy crypto now

3. On the next page you will find a list of sellers. In this list, you choose the best option for you:

  • The bank to which the transfer is to be made.
  • Available amount sold by the seller.
  • Minimum and maximum amount range that can be used for transfer.
  • The exchange rate at which the exchange is made (in our case 31.7 UAH = 1 USDT, in your case will be your national currency).

After selecting the seller, click on the button - Buy.

buy cryptocurrency on bybit

4. In the next field, enter the required purchase amount in your currency. Below you can see how much it will be in the equivalent of USDT. Having set the amount, click Buy.

how to buy crypto on bybit

5. On the next page, click Pay Now.

how to buy crypto bybit tutorial

6. The next page will contain the seller's details and the bank card number to which you need to transfer funds. After you have transferred the required amount, click on the confirmation button.

how to buy crypto on bybit guide

7. Confirm your transaction again.

buy crypto with card

8. After confirmation, you get to the waiting page. The page has a confirmation timer from the seller. Confirmation usually takes 1 minute. In case of problems or lack of confirmation, you can file an appeal by clicking on the button - Submit appeal. The exchange will then review your application and send you the seller's funds.

buy cryptocurrency

9. If the seller confirms the transfer, the transaction confirmation page opens. After that, your account will already be credited USDT for which you can actually buy any cryptocurrency on the exchange.

buy and sell crypto on bybit exchange


Now let's look at the process of selling cryptocurrency .

1. To sell cryptocurrency and get money on a bank card, click on the Buy Crypto button on the main page of the exchange

buy cryptocurrency on bybit

2. Next, below we choose P2P trading.

buy and sell crypto on bybit exchange

3. Then go to the Sell page.

sell and buy usdt on bybit

This page lists the buyers to whom you can sell your cryptocurrency.

We choose the seller according to the necessary parameters, for example: the bank to which you better get a transfer, the limit, the transfer rate in your currency (in our case it is UAH, 1 USDT = 31.8 UAH). After selecting the buyer, click the Sell button.

sell crypto binance

4. Next, you should see a window stating that you need to enter your card details. Bank card to which you will receive a money transfer from the buyer.

sell crypto on p2p trading

5. Enter the card number and add it to the list of your cards. You can link multiple bank cards from different banks.

sell crypto p2p trading bybit

6. Then we return to the list of buyers and select the buyer. Having selected a buyer, you will be taken to the next page. On this page, you enter the amount of USDT you want to sell and click the Sell button.

buy and sell crypto on exchange

7. Then you will be taken to the payment pending and confirmation page. If your buyer has sent you funds on your bank card, confirm the transaction.

buy cryptocurrency

8. That's all, you have successfully sold your cryptocurrency and received money on a bank card.

buy and sell crypto on exchange

In our opinion, the best and easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency is P2P trading. A nice bonus of this method is that there are no commissions. But, there is also another way, it is buying directly from the exchange. You can also read the instructions for this method below.


Instructions on how to buy cryptocurrency with a bank card on the ByBit exchange!

1. To buy cryptocurrency and get money on a bank card, click on the Buy Crypto button on the main page of the exchange.

buy crypto with card

2. Next, click on Express

buy and sell crypto on exchange

3. The next step is to choose the currency we are buying for (in our case UAH) and choose the cryptocurrency we want to buy. Enter the required amount you want to buy and click Buy.

buy crypto with bank card

4.  The next step is to choose the service that will actually carry out this financial transaction. When choosing a service, pay attention to the commission.

buy crypto

5. We confirm the transaction again. That’s it, you have bought cryptocurrency.

buy cryptocurrency on bybit

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