How to make $110 million in 2 weeks? Story of a 20 year old US student


How to make $110 million in 2 weeks? Story of a 20 year old US student.

Do you know this guy?

Jake Freeman, a student who became a celebrity in the US after making $110,000,000,000 in trading. He bought shares of the company BBBY and they grew by 500% in just two weeks.

How did he make so much money?

Do you think he traded with leverage?

The matter is that his family helped and gave him a deposit of $27 mln for his hobby.

In total, he got +300% to his deposit.

The article does not describe what strategy he used to buy the shares, but this case is similar to a lucky one and the "survivorship bias". So, this time he made a profit, but the next time he can lose it all.

That is why traders use systems that generate profits systematically, not only 1-2 times in a lifetime.

how to make 100mln in two weeks

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