For almost a year now, the world's largest regulators have begun to restrict the activities of cryptocurrency exchanges and the use of futures trading in their own territories. One such country is the US. We know from history that regulation has a bad effect on the development of a business or a certain industry. In fact, this was felt by the citizens of the country when the most famous exchanges began to leave the country and close access to certain products. Access to futures trading is still closed.

Traders often ask questions:

  • how to trade crypto futures available in the US?
  • what are the best crypto exchanges with futures trading available in the US?
  • how to trade crypto with leverage in the US?
  • where can I trade crypto with leverage in the US?

In this article, we will answer these questions and explain how to circumvent restrictions, use futures and leverage in the USA.

Can US citizens trade cryptocurrency futures?

Cryptocurrency has long been legalized in the United States. Users can easily buy and invest in cryptocurrency. But in addition, most exchanges offer trade in derivatives, and the possibility of using leverage, the size of which sometimes reaches 100 - 125x.

Financial regulators see this as a risk and are currently refusing to license cryptocurrency exchanges that offer derivatives trading.

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How to avoid the blocking of cryptocurrency exchanges that provide opportunities for futures trading?

Despite all the bans on cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, we have managed to find a way to circumvent the blockade and use futures trading. The method is quite simple, you need to download a VPN and use exchanges without mandatory KYC verification. One of such exchanges is .

ByBit is one of the fastest growing exchanges. Many users fell in love with ByBit for its simple and user-friendly interface, which bears a strong resemblance to the well-known Binance exchange. According to the Coinmarketcap rating, ByBit confidently ranks 4th among derivative exchanges.

coinmarketcap exchange rating


Quick instructions on how to avoid the block and use futures trading in the US for your phone

Step 1. Download any convenient VPN.

Quick instructions on how to avoid the block and use futures trading in the US for your phone

Step 2. Select another region and connect to the VPN.

how to trade crypto futures in US

Step 3. Next, register and download the ByBit exchange.

how to avoid block and trade crypto futures in USA
how to avoid block of crypto exchanges in US

Step 4. During registration you will see such a window, choose the No button.

How to trade crypto futures in US

Step 5. That's all, all the opportunities of the exchange and the actual trading of cryptocurrency futures are open to you.

the best crypto futures exchange for USA


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Quick instructions on how to bypass the block and use futures trading in the US for your computer

Step 1: Download the extension for your browser or any VPN to your computer.

the one way how to avoid block of futures trading in USA America
how to use crypto leverage trading in USA

Step 2. Connect to a region where futures trading is not prohibited.

Step 3. Register on the ByBit exchange.



can I trade crypto futures in US

Step 4. You should have the following field when registering. Choose NO.

how can I trade crypto futures in USA Canada Germany etc

Step 5. That's all. You now have access to cryptocurrency futures trading.

how to trade with leverage on crypto in USA


At this time, ByBit does not require mandatory KYC verification. Therefore, with simple steps using VPN and ByBit you can access futures trading and leverage.


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