Step by step tutorial, how to find the best altcoins

The value of Bitcoin at the time of writing is already more than $ 65,000, and the capitalization is $ 1.2 trillion. With such a huge amount, it is difficult to make 2-3 times your capital. Most newbies and investors who enter the cryptocurrency market are well aware of this, so they are looking to find altcoins with a small capitalization and the opportunity to earn 10x or more. Every day we receive similar questions:

In this article we will tell you how to find cheapest altcoins with big potential. You will know what are the right altcoins and what are the best altcoins. We are sure that with this knowledge you will be able to find 100x altcoins or even 1000x altcoins.

How to analyze altcoins?

In general, traders use technical analysis (chart analysis), and on its basis decide whether to buy a particular altcoin. But there is also a fundamental analysis (project and product analysis). Most traders or investors use only one type of analysis, but in our opinion, in order to get the best result you need to use these two types of analysis in symbiosis.

What indicators of technical analysis should be used to choose coins? 


In the chart above you can see how the price has been accumulating for a long time. In this case - 125 days. Then there was a breakout and growth of 700%


Another good example of a Matic coin, the accumulation is 280 days. Accumulation breakout and growth of 6400%. There is the biggest effect if the project is with a small capitalization and long accumulation. 

The market has always had the best time to buy after large-scale surrenders.

For example, for the last large-scale correction, positions were liquidated by $ 3.7 billion, after which altcoins grew by 300-1000% over the next 3-4 months.



Another criterion by which you can choose coins, buying at important levels.

The power equal depends on the timeframe, the older the timeframe the stronger the level. And also on the number of tests.


A good example is the TWT chart. During the protracted correction, the price formed a falling wedge. It was a good opportunity to buy, as there was a correction of 80% + a figure in the senior timeframe + a strong fundamental project with a real product.

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What indicators of fundamental analysis should be used to choose coins?

At the first stage it is very important to examine the coin:

The next step is to check:

And the last, no less important step, to check the activity of the project:

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Most newbies make the same mistakes from the start when buying coins at market peaks, at the time of maximum hype around the project, at a time when big players are selling. With this guide you can easily find projects with a potential of 10x - 100x.

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