How to participate in IDO, IEO, ICO?

Recently, a lot of people have turned their attention to IDO, IEO, ICO and various Launchpad platforms, but of course not just because it's a way to get good projects in the early stages of launch, but more than possible to make big profits, because really cool projects have brought to its investors even more than 100x.

In previous articles, we talked about "What is ICO, IDO, IEO?" and selected “TOP 5 LAUNCHPAD PLATFORMS WITH LOW ENTRY THRESHOLD” In this article, we decided to show step by step how to participate in the Launchpad from ByBit and the Dao Maker platform.

How to participate in IEO on ByBit? 

Basic conditions: 

The next step is to go to Launchpad (main page).


Once we go to the launchpad page, you will have a list of current projects. Go to the project page.


Going to the project page, we have complete information (allocation, website, white list, time to fix the BIT coins, etc.)