Best programs with Dom and Footprint for crypto trading.


By Yuriy Bishko Updated November 11, 2022
BikoTrading Academy

If you follow us, then you know for sure that we always use additional platforms for trading. Almost every day we get messages about:


  • what programs we use for trading,
  • what dom and footprint are, why it is so important,
  • where to use dom and footprint and many other similar questions.

In this article, we will answer these questions and tell you about two programs, namely: TigerTrade and Quantower, which we personally use in everyday trade.

What is DOM and Footprint?

In simple words, the DOM is a table of limit orders for the sale and purchase of an asset. The stock DOM makes it possible to assess the supply and demand in the market at a given time. Many traders use this tool in their trading. Footprint - is a display of already completed transactions for sale or purchase

You can read more about what a DOM and footprint is and how it works in this article.

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Tiger Trade

TigerTrade is an innovative software package that combines all the tools necessary for a successful trader. Flexible workspace, visualization of market information, the ability to filter basic data and a large number of auxiliary functions.

The main tasks that TigerTrade helps to do: 

  • Study and further use of technical and volumetric analysis in their trade 
  • Improving the professional level in understanding market processes 
  • Entry into low-risk transactions based on the information provided by the terminal

TigerTrade provides the following trading tools:

+ Candle charts and footprint

dom trading

+ Dynamic DOM

dom and footprint

+ History of transactions

tiger trade

+ Analytical tools

the best program with depth of market

+ Transaction statistics

depth of market for trading

+ History

how to trade depth of market

+ History player


+ Risk Manager

tiger trade is the best program for trading with depth of market and footprint



Quantower is a modern, professional trading platform that covers global financial markets and allows you to trade various asset classes such as: cryptocurrency, stocks, futures, options, ETFs, FX. Whether you are a buyer or seller, Quantower gives you access to reliable real-time data, liquidity and execution for profitable trades.

A distinctive feature of the platform is its modular system, which allows you to connect and use only the modules you need.

What features Quantower provides:

+ Different types of assets for trade


+ Charts with different types of diagrams for different trading systems

program with depth of market

+ Ability to draw and use indicators

quantower the program with dom and footprint

+ In-depth volume analysis with various auxiliary options

DOM trading

- Cluster analysis

klaster trading

- Volume profile

volume profile

- History of transactions

history of transactions or orders trading

+ One-click chart trading

chart trading quantower

+ Crypto portfolio panel

crypto portfolio panel

+ Trade Simulator (interface to test your strategy)



Tiger trade and Quantower are platforms, which help us in our trade on a daily basis, through accurate volume analysis and order book we have increased the win rate of our transactions. We are sure that they will also improve your results, so we suggest you also download these programs, get acquainted in more detail with their interface and functions.