Top Indicators for Scalping


By Vladyslav Yudashkin Updated November 21, 2022
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Technical Indicators allow getting a good trading result, but at the same time they have a disadvantage – they tend to re-draw, which is confusing. Sometimes it negatively affects the trading results.

To make sure your account is safe, we have developed a guide for the scalping indications system so you can choose your best indicator for scalping . These are special technical tools for analysis allowing to make the decisions easier for exchange traders when conducting daytime short-term speculative operations. Scalping allows you to get income on small price fluctuations when trading currency pairs, with an operative decision-making to close the deals.

Day trading on higher time frames is connected with the necessity of prolonged waiting for the trading results. Scalping implies opening trades on small timeframes, but due to this the profit decreases and the number of open trades increases proportionally. All forms of trading require discipline, but because the number of transactions is very large and the profit from each individual transaction is so small, the scalper must strictly adhere to his trading system, avoiding one big loss which can wipe out dozens of successful trades.

This type of tool can be used in different ways – as an auxiliary tool or as the main one. Thus, traders often use indicators to draw trend lines, channels, support/resistance zones, patterns and patterns. When a chart does not look like just a set of numbers and lines but becomes clear and logical, it becomes easier to find good entry/exit points.

What does scalping mean in forex?

Traders use different strategies for trading on the Forex market. Scalping becomes more and more popular among both beginners and experienced traders because the volatility on the market increases. The profit in scalping is not large, but taking into account the number of accomplished deals, the trader reaches the desirable level of income.

Traders have to be always ready for minimal and drastic market changes such as total fall or complete trend change. Therefore, a scalper must be able to react fast to such changes, change direction of transactions and adjust further strategy to minimize losses. One more risk may be late entrance or closing of a deal.

One of the popular trading methods traders use is the use of leverage. In this case, the broker provides the trader the necessary amount, and in return he expects the interest. This method provides the trader a wider range of trading conditions, while the profit increases. But you have to be careful because the market is rather volatile which potentially increases the losses. Market watching, regular analysis and correction of chosen strategy can help to avoid losses and help to choose the right investment direction.

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Forex price action scalping

The use of indicators is a popular method, but many traders do not use them in trading, or limit the use of such tools. When trading with price action scalping , traders do not need any indicators, they just take into account price movement. If a trader reads the market correctly, pays attention to all the subtleties of price movement and analyzes the trend and its movement, effectively uses all the data from technical analysis. The use of solely technical analysis will allow the trader to engage in scalping, if the trader knows how to properly build a ratio of risk to profit.

It is worth noting that the forex price action scalping method does not take into account the use of fundamental analysis. Scalpers using this strategy avoid the analysis of other factors, excluding the changes on the market, the influence of big players as well as the overall trading picture. This approach can be quite successful if you delve deep enough into technical analysis and peculiarities of your strategy.

Forex scalping signals

It is impossible to trade without using technical tricks. For this purpose, scalpers use different signals created by specially developed software to facilitate trader’s work. Such methodology is especially effective on today’s very unstable market, as automatic trading signals are received regardless of trader’s activity on the market or absence at work. Thanks to the incoming signals, traders identify profitable changes in the market in conditions of volatility. Such signals express various important events in the economic sector, reacting to fluctuations in the value of assets.

Scalpers can study charts, which display different indicators in real time. Indicators for scalping should not lag behind, that is why they are often used in combinations allowing to double-check signals of some instruments and to exclude possible inaccuracy of others. For example, ichimoku scalping which can be fulfilled with Dot MMS oscillator and ichimoku medium setting.

Indicators for forex scalping

Forex scalping is rich with different instruments which can help in trading and increase chances to catch a profitable moment. Traders use different indicators for scalping, trying to find their best scalping indicator mt4 . Thus, if in the long-term trading, a trader can thoroughly analyze the market events for a long time, then, in scalping, it is necessary to do everything fast.

Indicator for scalping is usually used to simplify the technical analysis of the market and to increase the decision making rate. Sometimes forex scalping indicators do not help. It happens when economic news is published, when profits are fixed at the end of the session or on holidays.

Taking into account the fact that deals are made not for months and not even for days or hours, but most often for minutes, the best indicators for scalping must meet certain requirements – they must be extremely accurate and quickly react to any market changes. Because even a delay of a second or a minute may cause losing a good moment for making a profitable bargain.

Indicators for scalping can be chosen depending on the trader’s habits and his forex scalping system which he uses for speculations. Very often, they use a whole scalping system that helps make the trading more successful. It implies the use of, in addition to indicators, other tools corresponding to such a fast rhythm.

If the scalping indicator mt4 is used as the basic tool, it is possible to talk about fully automatic trading. The trader just monitors the current situation and opens transactions at the moment of receiving a signal from the indicator (sound or arrows). Such trading is dangerous because automated trading tools are not always able to react to non-typical situations.

As for non-standard scalper indicators, we are sure that there is any algorithm that can become a ready-made trading strategy. In order to get a stable income you need to have some tools. Trend indicators for scalping perfectly show the beginning of a trend, its end or reversal figures. Traders often use several pieces together. There are many indicators of this kind, but it is necessary to have two or three trend indicators in order to trade successfully. Indicators for scalping each have their own. But each of them has its own pluses and minuses. Therefore, before striving to install and start trading on them, assess all the pros and cons.

When using scalping indicators , it is worth remembering that fundamental factors can influence prices even in their minimal fluctuations (even if you are using 1 minute scalping indicator ), so taking into account the support/resistance levels, tracking the news and indicating the global trend will not be superfluous. Even the most universal and effective system can fail, and only a human being can take into account all factors and make adequate decisions even in force majeure circumstances.

Top 5 indicators for a forex scalping strategy

Many traders use EMA crossing, which is easy enough to implement in practice. Moving averages show short-term fluctuations, which are the basis of a scalper’s activity. You open the indicators menu and switch on moving averages. Next, they should be properly configured. In the first window, you select a small period of time, for example, 5 days. The second one is set up with an indicator of 14 days. In this case we trade by crossing. When the crossing from the bottom upwards happens – we buy.

EMA with a period of 8. During the breakdown we buy the stock and wait for the price to rise. After it reaches its peak and turns around, we can close the trade. Next, we again wait for the next signal when the price breaks the curve.

VPSV is an indicator that shows the sideways volumes within the day for the session. It shows in which places the price formed the largest sideways movement. It is best to open a trace when the day closes or the next day opens. This way it is possible to predict the market situation and price movement.

WVAP is another indicator worth paying attention to. When the 5-minute indicator shows that we are above it, at this point, you should buy, and sell after the price rises. If the price is below this indicator, we do nothing and wait for further changes. At the moment of breakout, we assess whether to buy or not. If we decide to buy, we put a stop loss and enjoy a take profit at a 1:5 ratio.

Currency pairs movements. Changes in the position of the major currency pairs are also indicators of the market situation and indicators for the scalper. EUR/USD and GBP/USD are distinguished by trading volumes and small spreads. The fixed minimum spreads make it easy to make a profit because currencies need to change by a small number of pips for a scalper to make a profit. Traders with years of experience can turn their attention to more volatile currencies with a higher level of profit and risk.



To be sure of the effectiveness of the indicators, it is sufficient to walk on the chart. It is obvious that the method works and it is also possible to make money with it, if you build your strategy. It is important to note that indicators work effectively only when used in a well thought out strategy. They can also be used independently, but it is better to integrate them into your strategy. But it is important to be able to classify a lot of false forex scalp signals . We discuss this in more detail in the course.

How to scalp in forex as a beginner

Forex trading can be complicated and confusing to begin with, but beginners only need to focus on a few currency pairs or coins in order to follow the market more successfully and control the situation. Trading many positions can be confusing to the novice trader, as scalping involves opening and closing positions quickly. If a beginner concentrates on a minimum amount of direction, he will be able to follow the changing charts easily and conduct more effective technical and fundamental analysis.

Beginner scalpers should stick to narrower currency spreads, be guided by restraint and constantly gather information from different sources to conduct detailed technical and fundamental analysis of the market. A beginner needs to learn how to set stop-losses and take-profits correctly in order to determine the price at which positions will be closed in case of unforeseen market movements. We study these factors in more detail in our course , seeking to effectively turn your precious time into profitable skills and money. 

At the initial stage of your trading career, it is advisable to trade only highly liquid and proven currencies and coins. A high level of liquidity will provide the ability to conduct transactions quickly without losing profitability. Do not open many deals at the same time, otherwise scalper will not be able to close all of them successfully, concentration level will drop considerably and profitability will suffer. Patience is the only way to gradually increase the speed of trading.

The right time for scalping also plays a great role. Most traders state that the most profitable time for trading depends on the currency pair. For example, the pound is better to trade immediately after the opening of the London trading exchange. But most other currencies with especially large volumes still depend on the beginning of the session on the New York Stock Exchange, as it is considered the most popular. Many traders trade exclusively in a highly volatile market, but this method involves many risks. 


Which indicators are best for scalping?

There is no unique or best forex indicator for scalping . It is important to choose the most convenient and clear variant, which will help to implement the chosen strategy. It is important to remember that successful forex trading for a scalper – is first of all, a quick reaction to market changes and the right strategy. The list of indicators is endless, but most importantly, single and even very accurate indicators for scalping are ineffective. It is always necessary to take into consideration various factors, to carry out technical and fundamental analysis in order to achieve successful trades.

What time frame is best for scalping?

Scalping means trading on short timeframes. That is why trades are opened and closed within 1 or 5 minutes. These are the most popular time frames for this method. So scalpers should find their best indicators for 1 minute chart or a timeframe that they choose. Scalping implies that approximately 10-20 deals may be closed during an hour and up to 50 deals may be executed during 4 hours if the market is volatile. Trades are opened and closed, the trader works with the trend.

Some traders prefer to use a minute timeframe, some prefer a 5-minute timeframe, some use moving average crossing with price, some use other indicators. All of these nuances must be independently tested and the most appropriate solution must be found. The conditions for opening and closing positions may be different depending on the approach, but every scalper is guided by the order volumes in the depth chart, volumes of deals in the strip and micro-levels on the chart.

What is a scalping signal?

t is simply information about when, for which financial instrument and in which direction a position should be opened. If you can find a really reliable scalping signal source, such as a professional trader who has been trading consistently for several years, their signals can be very useful. Working by such signals, you can make a profit in a percentage ratio comparable to the profit of this trader. However, in this case, it is not enough just to follow the signals you receive accurately and consistently. In addition, you should always strictly follow a certain money management system. We regularly publish information on market changes from our top traders, and such signals always lead to success! Join our community!