TradingView tutorial for beginners


By Yuriy Bishko Updated January 30, 2024
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What is TradingView?

TradingView is a popular platform where people can follow the charts of cryptocurrencies, stocks, currencies (FOREX), and share trading ideas. Simply put, it is a social network for traders where you can share ideas and comfortably use charts. More than 550 million unique users have already registered on this platform. Learning TradingView is essential for both novice and experienced traders as it offers a great range of useful services.

TradingView will be useful for:

  • traders who need online charts to trade;
  • investors who make decisions on buying or selling according to the schedule;
  • analysts who read and share their own trading and learning ideas.

How do professional traders use TradingView? Great review on the YouTube channel and even more TradingView tutorials for you!

We’ve created this trade ideas tutorial to provide you with valuable insights into generating and refining trade concepts. We share our examples of trades and give detailed explanations on how to perform them. When you learn our TradingView tutorial, draw full horizontal lines, mark key support and resistance levels, identify trend reversals, and improve your overall technical analysis precision.

What are the main advantages of TradingView?

The main advantages of TradingView are:

1. access to a large number of markets. You will be able to find any cryptocurrency and use its chart;


2. the BIGGEST trading community of like-minded people who share ideas, study, communicate and earn money together;


3. a lot of tools for trading. This includes technical analysis tools (trend lines, patterns) and auxiliary (timeframes, chart rewinds, many individual chart settings, etc.);


4. the great advantage of TradingView is the ability to use trading robots and indicators that automate trading and help earn more, especially for beginners. You can read more about Biko Trading trading robots here!


Useful tools for technical analysis on TradingView

TradingView offers a variety of tools for technical analysis. Let's take a look at the key and most useful indicators for traders.

The platform provides a large number of technical indicators such as RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands, and many others. These tools allow you to analyze price and volume indicators to identify possible trends and entry/exit points, are displayed graphically and can include various elements such as lines, arrows, or colored zones to visualize the current state of the market. The TradingView trend indicator is important for determining the current trend (bullish, bearish or sideways).


To analyze the Volume Profile, TradingView offers a special indicator that provides detailed information about the trading volume on the market for a specific time period. When used to build an individual strategy using the Volume Profile, the indicator on TradingView allows you to study the distribution of trading volumes in detail and identify key support and resistance levels. TradingView's horizontal volumes also help to identify areas of high and low volume, which indicates potential changes in the market. For example, areas of high volume can serve as support or resistance, while areas of low volume can indicate weakness or a possible price breakout.

TradingView allows users to draw chart areas, trend lines, support and resistance, as well as various graphical figures. This helps to identify key levels and formulate trading strategies.


TradingView's cluster chart helps you visualize groups of price levels where the most active trading takes place.


TradingView combines a social network, charting, trading terminal, i.e. 3 main functions in 1 program! You do not need to use 2 additional tabs in the browser and switch between them. It is convenient and saves a lot of time!

Also, TradingView isn't just charts and data – it's a workshop where you forge your own tools. The platform has Pine Script, a streamlined language for crafting personalized indicators that fit your strategies like a glove. Pine Script is laser-focused on trading, powering many of the built-in indicators you already know.

  • Functions and Variables. The building blocks of Pine scripts, working together to perform calculations and store values.
  • Execution Model. Unlike typical programs, Pine scripts execute continuously on each historical bar and update in real-time, ensuring your indicators and strategies stay in sync with the market.
  • Series. The cornerstone data type in Pine, representing a continuous stream of values over time. Mastering series is essential for crafting effective scripts.


With a TradingView Pine Script tutorial, you can easily create your own indicators, adapting them to your strategy.

Access the Pine Script Editor directly from your TradingView chart. Start fresh with a clean slate. Copy and paste the MACD indicator code to the experiment. Give your script a name and watch it come to life. Tweak colors and other parameters to make the script your own. It would be helpful to use a TradingView Script tutorial to use examples of already-made indicators.

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To improve your trading, get into the specifics of cryptocurrency trading with the TradingView tutorial crypto, tailored to the unique aspects of digital asset markets. Use the knowledge and tools offered by TradingView to make informed trading decisions based on real-time data and powerful analysis. Remember, the journey doesn't stop here. Practice these skills, experiment with different strategies, and keep learning from the wealth of resources available on TradingView. As your confidence grows, so will your ability to navigate the market with precision and poise. Remember, TradingView is your launchpad, but the final destination – trading success – is in your hands. So, start charting, strategizing, and trading your way to crypto mastery!