How to transfer cryptocurrency from an exchange?


By Yuriy Bishko Updated November 21, 2022
BikoTrading Academy

In previous articles we have already learned: what an exchange is and how to choose a secure exchange, how to register and pass verification and how to buy and sell cryptocurrency using P2P trading and bank card. So we go further and the next topic in line - transfers, how to properly send cryptocurrency from the exchange and how to get such transfers from other people.

Key issues:

  • how to transfer your crypto from one exchange to another
  • how to move cryptocurrency from exchange to wallet
  • how to get a cryptocurrency transfer to your wallet or exchange
  • transferring crypto between exchanges

In this article, we will answer all these questions and show detailed instructions for transferring cryptocurrency from the exchange to another wallet, as well as how to get such a transfer from other people. 

Instructions on how to transfer cryptocurrency to another exchange or crypto wallet

1. At the first stage we go to the exchange and go to the Wallets section.

transfer crypto binance

2. The next step is to go to the Spot section and click Withdraw.

transfer crypto

3.Next, select the cryptocurrency that you want to transfer to another exchange or cryptocurrency wallet.

transfer crypto from binance

4. Click Send via Crypto Network.

transfer crypto from exchange to wallet

5. On the next page we need to enter the account data to which we transfer the cryptocurrency. This data is sent by the person who will receive the cryptocurrency. The recipient must send you the account number and the name of the network through which the transfer will take place.

transfer crypto from exchange

First we choose the type of network through which the cryptocurrency will be transferred.

transfer crypto binance

In the screenshot above you can see a list of available networks. Choosing a network is a very important step, because if you choose the wrong network, your transaction will simply disappear in the web space, the recipient will not receive the transfer, and you will lose your money. The type of network must be the same for both the recipient and the sender.

If you transfer usdt, then in our experience the best option for the network - Tron (TRC 20). The commission of this network is only $1, regardless of the transfer amount, the transfer time is about 5 minutes. Therefore, before making a transfer, recommend that your recipient send the invoice number to this network.

6. After selecting the network, enter the address (number) of the account sent to you by the recipient, select the type of network and enter the amount of coins you want to transfer. The system automatically deducts the commission from the transfer amount, so immediately include the commission in the transfer amount. If everything is ok, confirm the transfer.

transfer crypto on and from metamask

7. We are checking our transaction again and confirming.

transfer crypto

8. At the next stage, we should confirm our transfer. Click Send Code. Enter the code that you received in the SMS and email.

transfer crypto from exchange

If you have two-factor verification enabled, then you also need to copy and paste the code from the Authenticator. Note that the code is updated every 30 seconds. Therefore, you should quickly insert the code and confirm the transfer. 


send crypto

After entering the confirmation codes, click on the confirmation button.

how to send crypto from exchange

9. After entering the confirmation codes, click on the confirmation button. 

how to transfer crypto

Instructions on how to get cryptocurrency on your own crypto wallet or exchange account

1. Go to the exchange and go to the Wallets section.

how to transfer crypto from exchange

2. The next step is to go to the Spot section and click Deposit.

how to send crypto from exchange on exchange

3. In the next window, enter the name of the cryptocurrency that you will transfer. In our case it is USDT.

send crypto from exchange

4. Click on the name of the coin and in the new window select the type of transfer network. At this stage, we recommend choosing the network with the lowest commission, in our case it is Tron (TRC20).

transfer crypto binance

5. Then the system will give us our account number and network type. We send this data to the person who is going to transfer cryptocurrency to you. 

transfer crypto from binance exchange