Aggressive Strategy for the Cryptocurrency Market. How to Achieve 50-100x Returns?


High returns are primarily what attracts most people to the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency market is quite young and currently in the stage of its formation, adoption, and regulation. This works in our favor, as all this is accompanied by high volatility (strong price jumps). High volatility equals high profit. However, you must understand that high profits equal high risk.

You can buy Bitcoin and altcoins at the right time and earn +200 - 500% during a bull market. But this article will discuss aggressive strategies that can increase your investments by 50 - 100 times.


Aggressive strategies carry a very high level of risk, so for ourselves and clients who entrust us with their money, we allocate 5 - 10% of our total capital to this. The probability of successfully executing this plan is about 50%. But the overall risk-to-reward ratio = 1/50 - 1/100, which provides an opportunity to earn 50-100 times more than the potential losses. These are very significant values and potentially a good opportunity for all of us to gain additional substantial profit.

Initially, we divide the allocated capital into two parts (2 strategies) in a 50% to 50% percentage ratio.

First Strategy: Altcoins + Coin-m Futures

During a bear market, most altcoins decrease by 90% or more. If, in the new cycle, most altcoins return to their historical highs, this would equate to 800 - 900% profit. However, as we well know, during a bull market, some altcoins can grow significantly beyond their historical highs.


Before I reveal the strategy, let's address an important question. Most of you will ask, but why can't the price start falling, why does it have to rise? And that's a very good question. Potentially, anything can happen, and no trader or analyst in the world can provide a 100% guarantee. In this matter, we personally rely on important fundamental, technical indicators, and the cycles of the cryptocurrency market. Currently, all metrics indicate that in 2024 and into the beginning of 2025, the cryptocurrency market will be in a bull market phase, which occurs once every 4 years. It is precisely at this time that the use of aggressive strategies is the most beneficial and safe decision.


We plan to select promising altcoins and open long-term Coin-m positions with minimal leverage. This will allow us to gain double profit. The feature of coin futures is that we increase the number of coins, not dollars. In the case of a coin's value increasing fivefold, we will increase the number of coins fivefold, and at the same time, the price of the coin also increased fivefold.


Simple math: 5 x 5 = 25x (increasing capital by 25 times) if a coin grows tenfold then 10 x 10 = 100x (increasing capital by 100 times). This way, by performing a couple of actions and waiting a bit, you can increase your deposit by 50 - 100 times.

I personally plan to purchase strong coins and additionally use my own trading system, Altcoin Picker, which provides quite accurate signals on when to buy and when to sell. As I have shown before, you can earn without the use of additional systems. But if you have significant capital, you can entrust our team with managing your money (you don't need to transfer the money to us, it will remain in your account). In this case, I can manage your capital using advanced high-profit systems, allowing you to earn more, relatively safely, and most importantly, take profits in time before the start of the next bear market. If interested, fill out the form, and our team will contact you and explain all the details.


Pump Tracker System + Bitcoin Map

The second part of the capital will be allocated for active trading using the Pump Tracker system, leverage, and in combination with the Bitcoin map to regulate the risk level.

Below in the screenshot, you can see the Bitcoin map, which shows a comparison of past cycles with the current one. You can notice how identical they are to each other, the main movements of the cycles repeat, this map, as a guide, will allow me to open trades with a higher level of risk and predict future price movements as accurately as possible.

Bitcoin mapIn addition to the Bitcoin map, I will be using another one of my trading systems - “Pump Tracker”. This is another system that provides accurate buy-sell signals for cryptocurrency. Following the standard level of risk management, I use a leverage of x2 when using this system. However, as a parabolic growth stage is expected ahead, in simple terms a bull market, I plan to try increasing the level of risk and the level of leverage to x5. 

Pump Tracker System

Such a combination can allow for finding profitable signals with a higher execution rate (win rate), regulating the risk level, and increasing or decreasing the level of leverage depending on the market situation.

Example of possible capital increase in this combination:

  • Trade 1 $1,000 + 5x leverage + 100% growth (500% profit considering leverage) = $5,000 = 5x from starting capital
  • Trade 2 $5,000 + 5x leverage + 100% growth (500% profit considering leverage) = $25,000 = 25x from starting capital
  • Trade 3 $25,000 + 5x leverage + 100% growth (500% profit considering leverage) = $125,000 = 125x from starting capital

There are no guarantees that this plan will work and that our deposit will not be liquidated – that's why we will use a small % of our capital. But the opportunity to gain such potential profit does not come often, so this risk may be worth it.

I also use this aggressive strategy for some participants of the Asset Management program. If you want our team to help you manage your capital, fill out the form and receive a detailed consultation.

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