Binance futures in USA, Canada, Germany, Australia


By Yuriy Bishko Updated November 14, 2022
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Over the last year, the cryptocurrency sector has undergone many changes from regulators. For example, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange has been forced to suspend its operations in some countries, or partially close access to some services, such as futures.

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is binance available in US? exchange

Traders from different countries often ask us:

  • are binance futures available in US / Australia / Canada / Germany?
  • which binance futures are available countries?
  • where can I use futures in US, UK, Canada, Germany?
  • how to trade on binance in US?
  • why can't I use binance in US?

In this article we will answer these questions and try to find some options for how to open futures positions in US / UK / Australia / Canada / Germany etc.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use binance or binance futures if you are a citizen of these countries. But you can use these two ways to avoid the ban:

The first and most optimal way: open a binance account for relatives or acquaintances who are not citizens of countries where the use of binance or binance futures is prohibited.

The second way: if you do not have the opportunity to open an account with friends, you will have to use VPN and exchanges, which do not require KYC verification. One of such exchanges - ByBit .

bybit exchange

ByBit - a cryptocurrency exchange that is gaining popularity among new users. First of all – due to its simple and user-friendly interface for trading and a wide range of new cryptocurrency products.

ByBit ranks fourth in terms of trading volume (at the time of writing – the volume reached 5 billion dollars, it should be noted that this figure is growing rapidly).

bybit exchange volume

The only drawback of the method is the daily output limit of no more than 2 btc. But this is one of the best options with which it is possible to use futures trading.