Bitcoin forecast, how much will Bitcoin cost in 2023?


By Yaroslav Krasko
BikoTrading Academy


Hello! You, like us, are probably shocked by the world events of 2022. The war, the energy crisis, food problems, the rapid increase in the US interest rate, the global recession, which is already knocking on our door - this is not a complete list of the problems faced by the world.

Of course, all of the above events affect global markets, stocks and cryptocurrencies. From its historical highs, Bitcoin has fallen by 80%, while altcoins have lost more than 90% of their value. The average deposit of most market participants = $1000. Just imagine, in just one year, the deposits of most traders and investors turned into $50-100. This is a fiasco. It would seem like much more, but we get more and more new problems in the form of the collapse of the FTX exchange and Genesis.


  • The end of cryptocurrency?
  • Bitcoin value forecast for the beginning of 2023.
  • Our recommendations where to buy/sell Bitcoin and altcoins.

The end of cryptocurrency?

Despair, Fear, Disappointment. These are the sentiments I see and feel in the market right now. You might think that this is the end, but in fact everything is fine, this is not the first time when Bitcoin and other coins lose 80-90% of their value.

crypto cycles bitcoin

The chart above shows the entire trading history of Bitcoin. You can see that the cryptocurrency market is cyclical. For the entire 12-year history, Bitcoin has already corrected by 80% for the fourth time.

Psychology of a Market CyclesMost people do not even think about how markets work. Although this is the main issue that you just need to understand before you start trading or investing.

The market is ruled by emotions. In order to understand how emotions drive the market, the chart above will help us. If you compare this chart and the cycles depicted in the first chart, you will be shocked how identical they are. Despair, Fear, Disappointment are the emotions that I personally expect the most in the market. It is the time of the greatest opportunities, but it is also the time when most traders and investors get frustrated and leave the market.

The market capitulation has already taken place and the market reversal is much closer than you think. This is evidenced by our own developments and almost most of the main on-chain metrics. Bear market, cryptozyme, cryptohgedon, bitcoin is dead - these are the expressions that scare us every day now. Before starting the forecast, I want to share a great quote and say that this is not the time to be afraid, but the time to act: "Bull markets make you money, Bear markets make you rich".


Bitcoin price forecast for the beginning of 2023

As I wrote above, Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market is very close to its bottom and reversal. I have prepared 2 scenarios with the highest probability and now I will tell you in more detail about each of them.

The first scenario

Before starting the analysis, let's look at the main indicators shown on the chart:

# 1 - Grey lines. Dynamic fundamental value zone, one of our best developments, which is included in the Greenwich trading indicator. The zone identifies the places of the greatest market pain (places where most market participants get liquidated or sell their own coins at a loss in fear). Historically, buying Bitcoin and altcoins in the middle of the fundamental value zone (the lower gray zone) has always been a good opportunity. After that, Bitcoin started its bullish trend or gave an opportunity to make money on the price rebound.  Win rate of the development = 100%.

bitcoin forecast 2023

# 2 - One more development of our company. It is a channel for determining the price volatility and overbought/oversold areas of the market. The green line acts as support, the red line acts as resistance, and the gray line acts in both versions, depending on the bullish and bearish trend. It is worth noting that the market has been in a bear market phase for a year and the middle (gray line) acts as a strong resistance for Bitcoin.  7 out of 8 tests of the middle of the channel led to a fall. Pay attention to this line, it will be useful in our analysis later.

bitcoin prediction 2023

# 3 - A strong resistance zone in terms of technical analysis is $18,000 - $19,000 (the zone is marked in red).

bitcoin prognostication 2023

# 4 - Fibonacci levels. In our analysis, pay attention to the levels of 0.5 and 0.618. Price zone ($28,000 - $34,000).

crypto prediction 2023

Scenario: First, the price will retrace and test the resistance zone #3. Where the middle line of indicator #2 will also be located, which in combination only strengthens the resistance zone. Not a financial recommendation, but at this moment there will be a good opportunity to open a short trade on the market fall. The risk to profit ratio is 1/4 or 1/5.

After testing the resistance zone, the price will continue to decline rapidly to the gray areas of indicator #1. Please note that there is also a green line of indicator #2 in that place, which in combination only enhances the significance of the levels. Additionally, I want to note that the price of $12,800 - $10,500 for one Bitcoin is the best opportunity for buying and a gift that appears on the cryptocurrency market very rarely.

where to buy crypto in 2023

Statistically, if you examine the trend of each trend, you can find that in 90% of cases there is always a correction of the trend (price) to 0.5 - 0.618 Fibonacci levels. Therefore, I believe that after the price tests the zone of $10,500 - $13,000, Bitcoin will start to grow to 0.5 - 0.618 Fibonacci levels. Additionally, at those levels is the gray zone of indicator #1, as well as the red resistance line of indicator #2. Potential profit of 200% without using futures trading and leverage. Using our other indicators, the profit level can reach several times more.

This is only a part of our indicators and metrics that I can show you in this article. Additionally, our other developments and on-chain metrics speak about this scenario, but unfortunately I can show them only to members of our private Discord club. Go to the website, and join our community.

The second scenario

This scenario is simpler, but no less important in the analysis. The main attention is focused on the price maximum at $21,350. If the price manages to update this maximum, a new ascending structure with higher highs will be formed. After that, it is worth considering the continuation of the uptrend to the price levels of $28,000 - $32,000.

Is it worth buying crypto in 2023


Since each market participant is responsible for their own funds, I cannot tell you what to do, but I can definitely share my plans and knowledge with you. If you look globally, the prices in the range of $23,000 - $11,000 is a great opportunity to accumulate long-term positions that will bring more than 10X profit in the period of 2 years.

In the medium term, I expect the implementation of the first scenario, I will try to open a short position with a risk of 1-2% of the total capital. I will also buy Bitcoin for a very significant part of my capital in the zone of $10,500 - $12,800. In case of updating the highs, I will rely on scenario #2.

It is worth noting that the lines and price levels of the indicators are updated every new day, so the values of the levels can change. If you want to get access to the indicators and receive similar analysis in our private Discord group, go to the website, and join our community.