Top five coins of the launchpad platforms 2022-2023


By Yuriy Bishko Updated November 11, 2022
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Launchpads, ICO, IDO, IGO platforms were on the hype of a wide audience six months ago. During the participation in the launchpads, a large number of participants were not even interested in the name and idea of the projects. After winning the allocation and listing, the price of coins often increased by x 100 - 200. The result of 500 - 1000% did not surprise anyone and was common for most. But hype is a trap. Why this is so we have shown a real example in this article . At the moment, the coins of the launchpad platforms have lost in their price up to 70% of their maximum marks. If you buy, why not now with a 70% discount?<


  • what are the best coin launchpad platforms?
  • which launchpad tokens will grow in 2022?
  • what are the best launchpad crypto projects?
  • are launchpad crypto projects a good investment?

In this article, we will answer all these questions and recommend the five best launchpad coins in our opinion.

What launchpad tokens are good to buy in 2022?

Launchpads have lost popularity. Allocations and coins no longer bring their investors extra profits. But we want to reassure you. It's not for long. The cryptocurrency market is cyclical. Hype is replaced by its absence and vice versa. An additional huge plus of the launchpad coins is that by stepping in coins you can take part in allocations and earn not only from the growth of cryptocurrencies but also from winning allocations. We talked about how to make coins and earn in launchpads in this article .

DAO Maker

DAO Maker - a platform that connects investors and cryptocurrency projects that are at the start of their launch. Due to the interaction of investors and founders, the former receive project coins at a low price, the latter investments for development. You must be a DAO coin holder to participate and invest on the Dao Maker platform. The system has a ranking system of participation, the more coins you keep in your account the more chances to win the allocation. Earlier, I showed by my own example how I invested $ 20,000 in DAO Maker  and why you should not participate if your rank is below level 3.

dao maker price

At the moment, the situation has changed. The coin has lost significantly in its price, the price has lost almost three times its highs and is now close to its historical lows, which opened the possibility of participation for a wider audience.

dao maker chart dao maker


Bit DAO - one of the world's major decentralized tokens. The goal of the project is to create open finances around the world. Large organizations such as ByBit use BitDAO in their own ecosystem to interact between Bit tokens and ByBit products. One such product is the launchpad from ByBit. For this, you need to register on the exchange and buy from 50 Bit coins. More details at this link .


From its highs, the price fell almost twice and returned to its original levels. In addition, I would like to highlight a few advantages of the BitDAO token: support from one of the world's best exchanges ByBit; the price with a considerable discount; in addition to increasing the price of the cryptocurrency itself, you can earn extra by participating in launchpads.

bitdao coinmarketcap cmc bitdao price


BSCPAD - a BSC Launch Pad platform token. BSC Launch Pad is the first decentralized IDO platform for the Binance Smart Chain Network. The system works on a similar principle and connects investors and founders of crypto projects.


The price of BSCPAD at the maximum level reached the level of 6 dollars. During the last wave of growth, the price reached $3. Now the price is $0.67. This is quite a significant drop and a good opportunity to invest a small portion of your capital.

BSCPAD coinmarketcap cmc BSCPAD price


POLS -a token of one of the most famous and affordable Polkastarter launchpad platforms. Polkastarter is a protocol designed for interchain token and auction pools that allows projects to raise capital in a decentralized and compatible environment based on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Matic Network and other block chains.


The price of the POLS coin has dropped several times from its maximum marks and can be a good opportunity to buy a small percentage of your total capital.

Polkastarter POLS coinmarketcap cmc Polkastarter price


GAFI - a token of the sensational GameFi platform. According to the GameFi platform itself, it is a center of gaming finance. Its ecosystem includes GameFi Hub, Launchpad, Marketplace, Guild Hub and Metaverse. GameFi was created to address the challenges faced by most gaming studios and to find effective ways to develop a platform that builds relationships with game developers, players and investors in one place.


The price has significantly adjusted from its maximum marks. And now for a long time it has been consolidated in the range of 40 dollars. Good discount for those wishing to purchase a valuable gamefi token.

Gamefi coinmarketcap gamefi tradingview