How much money do crypto traders make?


By Yaroslav Krasko Updated November 13, 2022
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It is no secret that the financial sector and everything related to it generates the most money in the world. No wonder some of the richest people are involved in finance and investment. Trading and investing are activities that are directly related to this sector.


  • How much can you make in trading?
  • How much money can you make trading bitcoin?
  • How much do traders make a day, a month, or a year?
  • How much money do crypto traders make?

In this article, we will answer all these questions and show how much you can really earn on trading.

How much can you earn by trading?

Almost all types of professions have a certain range and limit of income. According to Bloomberg, this range reaches the limit of 200 thousand dollars.

how much you can earn on trading

Trading is not included in this list. And the whole point is that there are no limits in this activity. It all depends on your skills and your trading strategy. That's why I chose this direction. A direction in which there are no boundaries.

If we look at the list of the world's top traders, we will see that their capital reaches millions and billions of dollars.

the richest traders in the world

But not everything is so simple. Statistics of major exchanges and brokers say that in the cryptocurrency market about 90% of traders completely lose money, 5% break even and only 5% earn on it. All success depends on your experience, understanding of markets and systematic adherence to the rules of your trading strategy.

That is why we can distinguish three categories of traders and their percentage of profit:

  • Beginners (up to 1 year of experience) - let's be honest, this category of traders does not have much experience and results. The majority of beginners break even or even go red. That is why we recommend starting with a small amount. We have described in more detail why this is important in this article.
  • Intermediate level (1-3 years of experience) - traders who already have experience and understanding. The result of this category of people depends entirely on the level of education. The average % of profits of this category of traders is 50 - 100% per annum.
  • Pros (from 3 years) - the level of income of this category of traders depends entirely on the level of your experience and how much time you spend on this business. If we look at the rating of the Global Cup Trading Championship (which is shown in the table below) in this list there are people with a score of more than 600% of profits.

Most beginners dream of making a profit, but let's take a look at the list of the best traders and their Net Return. According to the Global Cup Trading Championship rating, the best result was 640%. On average, this figure was 150%.

what is the average earn traders

Yes, sometimes traders can earn 1000% or more. But it is very important that this level is constant, systematic and maintained over a long period. Which is quite difficult to achieve. On average, a good result for a trader is 50-200% per annum. Let's ask the question, is 100-200% a lot or a little? If you have $10 million, then 200% of the profit is + $20 million. If you have $10 thousand, then 200% of the profit is + $20 thousand. Your profit directly depends on your capital and level of profit. From our experience, we know people who have made millions of dollars in income, but it takes time.

Various novice traders deposit $100 to $10,000 into their accounts. In total, each trader can deposit $1,000 into their account. But realizing that they will not be able to make money quickly, traders begin to increase their risks, as a result of which they lose money, become frustrated and leave trading early. This is the answer to why such disappointing statistics and why 90% lose their money.

Let's take a look at the real calculations of how much your result will change if you have only $2,000 and increase your deposit by 200% per year.

how much traders make money

The chart above shows a table showing how much your balance will change each year. In 6 years your $2000 will turn into $1 458,000.


Let’s summarize. Trading is an activity that has no restrictions. If you have the knowledge and a clear trading strategy, you will be able to increase your capital by 50-200% per year. Even $1,000 in the right hands can turn into $1,000,000.