How to create Metamask wallet?


By Yuriy Bishko Updated November 12, 2022
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Why do you need MetaMask?

MetaMask works with the Ethereum network and the ETH currency itself. It also supports all ERC-20 tokens, i.e. any cryptocurrencies running on the Ethereum network. In addition, MetaMask supports other networks, such as Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20 standard), Polygon Network (Matic) and others.


One of the main features of this wallet, which made it so popular, is a simple connection to decentralized services: exchangers, exchanges and liquidity pools. The MetaMask extension allows you to work with sites such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap without registration and identification, or in our case with the Dao Maker platform.

How to install Metamask?

1.You can download and install the Metamask extension on the official website .

2.Choose which device the wallet will be installed on, and click download. Personally, we will show you the example of extensions for Chrome.

what is metamask

3.On the Metamask tab, click the add to Chrome button.

download metamask

4.Then click on the confirmation request.

metamask instal

5.On the next slide, click the Get Started button

metamask for what

6.Select the button to create a wallet

metamask guide

7. In the new window agree with the following points.

metamask tutorial

8. Create your password. A password is required to prevent access to your wallet (for example, if someone takes possession of your device).

how to create metamask

9. Once you've created your password, check out the video about the secret phrase (an important step)

metamask instruction

10.Very important point !!! Once you get to the secret phrase page, you need to save it. For added security, follow the tips provided.

metamask create account

11.The next step is to display your secret phrase in the correct order and click confirm.

how to create account metamask

12.That's all, the wallet is created.

is metamask safety

13.Remember and be sure to follow these rules.

how to protect metamask

How to deposit your Metamask wallet?

Once you have created a wallet, you can replenish it in several ways:

1) Purchase with a credit card directly on the wallet platform.

The platform collaborates with organizations such as Wyre and Transak. The disadvantage of this method is the large commissions, we personally recommend using the second option, the option of buying on the exchange and transfer to the wallet.

how to buy crypto on metamask

how to deposit on metamask

deposit metamask

2) The second option, in our opinion, is best to buy ETH on secure exchangers or cryptocurrency exchanges (for example, on the world's largest exchange Binance). This option attracts with the convenience of payment by bank card (Visa, MasterCard) and not inflated market value of tokens.

To send coins, press the send button and enter the address of the wallet to which you are going to transfer tokens.

transfer crypto on and from metamask

send crypto on metamask

Send and receive tokens only in the network in which they are issued! If you send money by mistake, it will be impossible to cancel the transaction and the tokens will be lost forever!


As we have already noted, one of the main features of the Metamask wallet, which made it so popular, is a simple connection to decentralized services: exchangers, exchanges and liquidity pools. In our case, we used Metamask to connect to the Dao Maker platform, a platform that allows you to participate in token sales in the early stages. At the moment, token sales are a good opportunity to increase your capital several times, regardless of whether the cryptocurrency market is growing or falling.