How to keep your cryptocurrency safe?


By Yaroslav Krasko Updated November 11, 2022
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With the development of cryptocurrencies and their growing influence in everyday life, you often begin to hear about how hackers hacked the cryptocurrency exchange, or how ordinary users lost their cryptocurrency through carelessness and fraud.

Usually people do not pay much attention to security and think that it will not affect them, but this is the first step to losing cryptocurrency. Not only beginners, but also quite advanced traders sometimes do not know how to protect and keep cryptocurrency safe and lose everything they have because of it.

In this article, we will talk about the 4 most common ways of fraud and how to deal with them.

Phishing sites

With the help of phishing sites, hackers gain access to your personal data. How does it work? Scammers create a page that is almost identical in appearance to an exchange, website or other platform. When you get to such a page, you may not immediately understand the difference, enter your login and password, but as a result you do not get into your account and at the same time hackers receive your data.

how to safe crypto?

How to deal with it?

Quite often this problem is faced by people who follow links through various platforms or social networks. The first recommendation is not to use these links. Another recommendation is to check the address bar, or try to go to other pages. As a rule, the difference with the real platform is immediately noticeable, as the main task is for a person to enter their data in the form on the login page.

Extortion programs

Another very popular way to get your money is through extortionist programs. These programs gain access to your device, encrypt all data and give only in the case of money transfers to fraudsters. It is quite easy to get such a virus – you just need to open the letter by email or messenger.

top ways how to safe your crypto

How to deal with it?

The first is to try not to open emails or download files from strangers. It is also important to have a reliable antivirus program that can fight serious viruses. And as an option to keep all important information on the cloud or USB media.

Fake programs and wallets

Quite often you can see cases when people download programs, clones or other services for storing cryptocurrency, without even guessing that they are.

At the time when you generate your wallet, the program automatically substitutes the wallet of fraudsters. It is important to be careful, as such programs can be found even on the Google Play and App Store platforms.

how to protect crypto

How to deal with it?

Trust your funds to already proven platforms, use programs with a large number of reviews and research them in detail beforehand.

Account hacking

Quite a common way to steal cryptocurrency, but no less dangerous is hacking an account.

how to safe crypto account

How to deal with it?

In addition to the established rules on the use of complex passwords and two-factor authentication, the main thing is not to keep money on the exchange. Criminals can access your wallet or exchange, no matter what security measures you follow. Therefore, you need to contribute to the account exactly as much as necessary to enter into an agreement. And then the profit is immediately withdrawn, preferably in a cold wallet, which is stored in a safe place. It is the safest way to store cryptocurrency.


In this article, we explained to you about the safest ways to store your cryptocurrency. We hope that with this article we have fully answered the question of how to keep cryptocurrency safe and helped protect your crypto.