How to participate in IDO,IEO,ICO?


By Yuriy Bishko Updated November 21, 2022
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Recently, a lot of people have turned their attention to IDO, IEO, ICO and various Launchpad platforms, but of course not just because it's a way to get good projects in the early stages of launch, but more than possible to make big profits, because really cool projects have brought to its investors even more than 100x.

In previous articles, we talked about "What is ICO, IDO, IEO?" and selected “TOP 5 LAUNCHPAD PLATFORMS WITH LOW ENTRY THRESHOLD” In this article, we decided to show step by step how to participate in the Launchpad from ByBit and the Dao Maker platform.

How to participate in IEO on ByBit?

Basic conditions:

  • Register on the ByBit exchange
  • Verify KYC level 1 (2min)
  • Buy BIT coins, the average BIT balance on spot and debit accounts a few days before the launch should be at least 50 (1bit = 2$)
  • It is not allowed to have subaccounts

The next step is to go to Launchpad (main page).

bybit lanchpad

Once we go to the launchpad page, you will have a list of current projects. Go to the project page.

how to participate on bybit`s launchpad

Going to the project page, we have complete information (allocation, website, white list, time to fix the BIT coins, etc.)

bybit exchange

Going down below you will have written the average number of BIT for the last 5 days. This is the amount you can fix to participate in the launch.

how to participate in launchpad on bybit exchange

Once the commit period begins, you will need to click the Commit Now button.

In a couple of hours after fixing, you will receive coins on your spot account and will be able to sell or keep them in your account.

Below there is a more detailed plan for participation in the launchpad.

bybit ido

bybit ico

How to participate in IDO on the DAO Maker platform?

DAO Maker is a top fundraising platform for investing in new cryptocurrency projects. First of all, the platform attracts investors with its results.

dao maker

To participate you need:

1) Register on the DAO Maker website

2) Buy DAO Maker coins

3) Depending on the amount of staking you get the appropriate Tier. The higher the Tier the higher the chance of getting an allocation.

what is dao coins

I staked 4,043 DAOs, and got a Tier 2

dao maker rank

With a Tier 2 level, I have a 9.7% chance of getting an allocation.

tier on bit dao

4) Once you have met all the necessary conditions, you can go to the FUNDRAISING tab and watch Live and Upcoming Sales.


ico ido ieo

5) By selecting the current project and going to its page, you can read all the information about the project and make decisions about participation.

buy ico ieo ido coins

6) If you have passed all the conditions and decided to participate, click the Participate button and agree to the terms of the project.

7) The portfolio tab will display a list of projects you have participated in and successful allocations.

how to win in launchpad

dao maker

As an example, we won an allocation of 200 busd in the Meta Soccer project. Now, depending on the project, this amount can increase X5, X30, X100 times.

How to participate in the IDO on the GAME FI platform?

Other launchpad platforms work on a similar principle.

1) Register on the website

2) Connect the wallet

game fi launchpad

3) Depending on the number of GAFI coins you get the corresponding Tier. There are four Tiers: ROOKIE; ELITE; PRO and LEGEND.

20 Gafi = 1 lottery ticket. The more lottery tickets, the higher the chance of winning the allocation.

game fi

4) Then you get to know the projects in more detail and decide on participation.

launchpad game fi

how to participate in gamefi platform

I participated in several IDOs.


how to win launchpad

For example, in IDO SHILL I managed to win an allocation of $20, of which I received $1440, which is more than 70x profit.

Another example is ASPO IDO

Until the moment of listing on the crypto exchange, the price of one ASPO = $ 0.05

After going public, the price rose to $ 1.3, which is more than 20x profit

ido launchpad

how to participate in ico ido ieo

How to participate in the IDO on the Red Kite platform?

The whole participation process is based on the same principle as on the GAME FI and DAO MAKER platform.


1) Register on the website

2) Buy coins

3) Connect the wallet

4) Stake coins

redkite launchpad

5) Then we get acquainted with the projects and select the project to participate.

redkite ico ido ieo

On the project page, we get acquainted with all the detailed information and structure of the IDO. You take part.


  • I took part in IDO MYRA
  • MY Allocation was 100 BUSD
  • IDO price. 1 MYRA = 0.135 BUSD
  • I sold at 10X
  • Next profit $1040

redkite allocation


ICO, IDO, IEO are the main ways in which new crypto projects receive investment and go public. For investors, this is a good exclusive opportunity to get coins at a low price before listing on the crypto exchange. In this article, we have shown the platforms, the IDO plan and our examples of participation in these projects.