One day in the life of a crypto scalper


By Vladyslav Yudashkin Updated November 21, 2022
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  • Market check, analysis of the Asian session
  • Breakfast, coffee, selection of coins for trading
  • Morning trading session
  • Break
  • Lunchtime trading session
  • Analysis of the mistakes made during the day

If you want to become a professional, you need to act like a professional. That's why I am going to describe my day so that you can imagine a professional scalper's trading day.

This routine can serve as a starting point for you, which you will later improve and adapt to your own life.

Market check, analysis of the Asian session

In the morning I want to see what happened to the market overnight, so first of all I look at the charts of BTC, ETH, S&P, BTC.D to get acquainted with the market situation. If I see that the market is very close to the impulse movement, I immediately carefully select the instruments that I will trade. If there is nothing, I just follow my morning routine.

Breakfast, coffee, selection of coins for trading

After the morning routine, I select coins for futures trading. To do this, I open the list on TradingView and analyze each coin on daily, hourly and 5-minute timeframes. It is important to select coins in which formations are visible on the daily timeframe and which have high liquidity.

This whole process takes me about 40 minutes.

one day in the life of a crypto scalper


Morning trading session

The market is most active three times a day: during the opening of the markets in Europe, America and Asia. No matter where you live, you will only have time for two openings, the third one will be at night when you sleep. Markets open at approximately 9 am local time.

I start trading an hour before the opening and one trading session lasts 4-5 hours.

 scalping trading session


The longer we do one thing, the harder it is for us to keep doing it. It is impossible to stay concentrated for a long time without a break. You need to refresh yourself, take a walk, have lunch, relax from the schedules and emotions they evoke.

Only then, with fresh ideas and thoughts, you should look at the market again and analyze it again, as before the morning session.

Lunchtime trading session

Usually, it is the most profitable time for a trader, because by noon you have been on the market long enough to start feeling it. Your setups work and you make money. It is important to be calm and not give in to emotions, because one greedy deal is enough to lose everything hard earned. This session usually takes 3-4 hours.

Analysis of the mistakes made during the day

The most important part. Whether the day is profitable or loss-making, there is always something to learn.

The ability to work on mistakes, to look for opportunities to make your decision-making process even better – this is what will help you become a professional and earn a living by trading.

We all started with losses, but some remained unprofitable, blaming Fortune for their defeats, and some took responsibility and improved day by day, and now live the life they have always dreamed of.

the best time for scalping

Good luck with your trades and see you at the DOM ✌️