Top 5 hidden crypto gems with high potential


By Yuriy Bishko Updated November 21, 2022
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1.Launchpool (LPOOL)

Launchpool is a launchpad platform that brings together investors and new crypto projects in the early stages of development. LPOOL uses communities, knowledge, experience, contacts and capital to provide crypto projects with the best start in life, maximizing their chances of success in this rapidly changing and dynamic space, and giving investors the opportunity to quickly increase their investments.

Launchpool (LPOOL)

At the moment, ICO / IDO / IEO is gaining more and more momentum every day. The growing interest around these platforms can raise the price of LPOOL coins quite a bit.

If we analyze from the point of view of technical analysis, then after the release the price has been significantly adjusted and has been accumulating for more than 200 days. After leaving the accumulation, the price can grow quite quickly to the level of 5 - 10x and more.

Launchpool (LPOOL)

2.Sienna (wSIENNA)

The Sienna SiennaSwap automated market maker is a decentralized interchain exchange based on the principles of confidentiality, where users can exchange private tokens in complete confidentiality.

SiennaSwap runs on the Secret Network, which is the first blockchain with smart contracts that maintain confidentiality, high scalability and low commissions.

Sienna (wSIENNA)

It is worth noting that regulators are increasingly influencing the crypto industry and trying to control transactions and participants in this area. This provokes a significant part of the market to use anonymous platforms on the example of Sienna.

The chart shows that the price rose sharply after the launch of the project, after which sienna returned to its previous marks and a strong support zone.

Sienna (wSIENNA)


3.Bitdao (BIT)

BIT is a native BitDAO token – one of the world's largest decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO). The purpose of BitDAO is to allocate funds for DAO projects and to partner with leading protocols to build the future of open finance.

The ByBit exchange is one of the largest coin holders, and has started using them to participate in various projects.

Currently, the BIT token ranks 210th in the coinmarketcap list. The capitalization of the project is only 1.4 billion dollars. Compared to other coins of well-known exchanges, BIT is undoubtedly an undervalued token. For example, the coin exchange Binance (BNB). Since listing, the coin has grown by 130,000%. BNB currently ranks 3rd on the coinmarketcap list with a market capitalization of $ 107 billion.

Bitdao (BIT)

If you analyze the chart, the price narrows and formed a bullish figure - a falling wedge. Bit adjusted by 20% from its maximum, and came to the support zone. This can be a good opportunity to buy. There is a good chance that the coin will repeat the history of the BNB coin in the future.

Bitdao (BIT)

4.Velhalla (SCAR)

Velhalla is a crypto-metaverse experience in a new way, an NFT world that you can control, influence, earn and much more.

Velhalla (SCAR) 

As you have already noticed on the example of AXS, GALA, SAND, MANA, game projects have brought huge interest to their investors. Velhalla could be the next project on this list. Given the low capitalization, the project can really bring 10 - 100x.

5.Rarible (RARI)

Rarible is a creator-focused NFT sales and production platform that uses the RARI token to empower users.

Rarible (RARI)

Users of the Rarible platform can easily create (NFT) for unique digital items such as artwork, gaming items and more. The platform offers users a full-featured market that is filtered and sorted into different categories to create a smooth and simple user experience.

Rarible (RARI)

Anyone can create and place NFT on the Rarible trading platform. The RARI token is a fundamental foundation of the platform, as it is used to reward active users and participate in protocol management.

Rarible (RARI)

In terms of technical analysis, RARI is in the trading range, where large players are likely to accumulate their positions. Breakout and closing above the trading range may lead to a strong continuation of the upward trend.

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