Top 5 Launchpad platforms with low entry threshold

ICO, IDO, IEO are already well-known words for most people, if you have not yet participated in these projects, you have probably heard about them from your friends or acquaintances who have invested $100 and earned 10 times more. Sounds like something unreal, but it really is. We recently published an article "What is ICO, IDO, IEO and what is their difference", if you have already read it, then in this article we will talk about the top 5 sites for participation in the Launchpad with a low entry threshold.

1. Launchpool


Launchpool offers unique incentives for $LPOOL holders, first of all, project tokens can be obtained at the same price as large crypto-investment funds, which promotes equality between stakeholders. It also provides transparency and makes it impossible for either side to take precedence over the other.

Benefits for $LPOOL owners:

- Access to projects in the early rounds, allowing investors to access better prices

- Proven projects

- Equality for all participants

Rules of participation:

Coin holding - yes

Token price - $3.8

Necessary capital - from 150$

Participation in sales - every sale

Staking - yes

Blockchains: ETH, BSC

2. Polkastarter


Polkastarter is a protocol built for crosschain pool of tokens and auctions; allows projects to raise capital in a decentralized compatible environment based on Polkadot. The launchpad platform allows you to create swap pools based on a fixed exchange rate of tokens. This concept has the advantage that the pools support the price of tokens throughout the sale until the initial delivery is redeemed.

Rules of participation:

Coin holding - yes

Token price - 4$
Necessary capital - from 750$
Participation in sales - 7 days (colddown period)

Staking - wallet storage / farming

Blockchains: ETH, BSC, MATIC