Best time to trade crypto. Most profitable days and hours for scalping


By Vladyslav Yudashkin Updated November 21, 2022
BikoTrading Academy

Main points:

  • By trading at the most profitable time, you will increase profits and reduce the amount of time you spend trading.
  • It is better to trade during the opening of the markets of America, Europe and Asia.
  • With the help of TMM you can see at what hours you earn the most and open the most profitable deals.


Trading requires the most valuable resource – time. Many of us, especially if you're starting out in trading, have our main job as well, and finding time for trading can be especially difficult.

In addition, scalping trading requires a high level of concentration, and as soon as a trader loses it, they begin to enter bad deals and catch stops. Scientists have proven that a person cannot concentrate for more than 40 minutes, after which he needs to switch completely to another activity for 20 minutes.

That's why one of the easiest ways to increase your profits in trading is to trade the hours and days when you earn the most.

When is the best time to trade?

During high volatility. Coins move faster, so you can earn faster.
Volatility increases at the openings of the markets of Europe, Asia, America – 8:00-9:00 am local time.
Also when there is important fundamental news. For example, before each meeting of the Fed for 5-6 hours the market freezes, and during the meeting it is literally stormed from one side to another.

When is it better NOT to trade?

When the market is off. These include American and Chinese holidays, weekends, summer vacations. These days it is difficult to make money, because the market will be sluggish, like a 70-year-old man in bed. All the trends and levels will just be smeared, and the market will gain strength to move when the big players come to work.


How to define your most profitable time?

To do this, you can create a table where you will keep track of the hours when you open trades. Or you can just use the tradermakemoney.

It will automatically track your trades and generate statistics. Here's what mine looks like:

How to define your most profitable time in scalping

How to use statistics to increase your profits?

For example, let's look at my statistics given above. (Time is UTC+3)

In order to be profitable, I need to have more than 33% of successful trades .
1. The column on the left shows that I open the most profitable deals at 10-12 and 16-18. This means that during those hours I can increase the risk per trade.
2. From 12 to 16 I have only 25% and 20% victories. The risk needs to be reduced.
3. But after 10 pm I have only 15% of victories, so it is better not to trade at all.

The situation is similar for the right column.

1. On Fridays and Mondays I earn the most, the volume can be increased these days.

2. On Sundays I mostly lose, the volume should be reduced.

3. On Wednesday I only lose, so it is necessary to stop trading on this day.

The most important skill of a trader is the ability to improve. Learn from your mistakes, follow your risk management strategy, strive to become a professional and then you will succeed. Good luck in trading and see you at the DOM!✌️