Buy/Sell Crypto Alerts: Easy ways to profit from crypto


By Yaroslav Krasko & Alex Dehtiarov Updated February 29, 2024
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Lately, global corporations like BlackRock are fiercely vying for control in the cryptocurrency realm, and it's no wonder, as more and more people are beginning to grasp the potential of this industry every day. The most common method of profiting in this business is through trading and investing. However, in today's volatile and unpredictable financial markets, the process of trading and investing in cryptocurrency can pose challenges even for seasoned market participants. 

Yet, the majority of people are neither ready, willing, nor able to spend years of their life learning and gaining the necessary experience; most wish to profit in this sector without investing time and effort. That's where the "Buy/Sell Crypto Alerts" service comes in. It offers a solution that simplifies this process, merging expertise in cryptocurrency trading without requiring a deep dive into the intricacies of the trade.

What is "Buy/Sell Crypto Alerts"?

It's an exclusive community designed for those who want to maximize their returns from the cryptocurrency market without the need to spend countless hours on research and analysis. 

The program is led by two experts with over seven years of experience: Alex Dehtiarov and Yaroslav Krasko. They combine their resources and knowledge to provide community members with cutting-edge tools and information for profiting in the cryptocurrency market.

What will you get by joining the "Buy/Sell Crypto Alerts" program?

Key components include four Discord sections:

  • Greenwich alerts
  • Pump Tracker alerts
  • Whale Detector alerts
  • Altcoin Gems alerts

buy sell crypto alerts signals

In the first three sections, Yaroslav focuses on providing signals using his developed Buy/Sell systems for cryptocurrency trading. Meanwhile, in the Altcoin Gems section, Alexey identifies the most promising "altcoins" in the cryptocurrency market. 

The service also features an exclusive chat for communication with the founders and program participants, a support team ready to assist with any questions from exchange registration to the moment of opening trades or purchasing the necessary altcoins, and a series of concise video tutorials that will help you understand every detail.

How Does It Work?

A Visualization of the Process: The workflow of "Buy/Sell Crypto Alerts" is optimized to the fullest to ensure users can respond to market movements promptly and efficiently. The procedure to act on trade signals comprises several key steps: 

1. Signal Appearance on the Chart: As soon as the system detects a potential signal, it pops up on the chart. Notifications about the emergence of signals are relayed in the Discord channel. Optionally, members of the program are provided access to trading systems on the TradingView platform.

buy sell crypto alerts signals

2. Preliminary Notification in Discord: If a signal emerges, Yaroslav sends a message in Discord notifying users to check the group at the specified time. This is crucial, as the trade system might confirm the signal during that set time.

buy sell crypto alerts signals

3. Signal Confirmation: Once the signal is confirmed, Yaroslav promptly sends out instructions with recommendations on initiating the trade. All details – from the amount of capital to be used, to the leverage size and trade opening price – are provided for the user.

buy sell crypto alerts signals

4. Trade Closure Alert: If the system determines it's time to close a trade, Yaroslav sends out another advance notification. This allows users to prepare for the next steps.

buy sell crypto alerts signals

buy sell crypto alerts signals

5. Trade Closure Confirmation: If the signal to close the trade is confirmed, Yaroslav sends out a message to participants regarding the deal's closure.

buy sell crypto alerts signals

buy sell crypto alerts signals

Thanks to this systematic approach, "Buy/Sell Crypto Alerts" offers members a significant edge in the market, enabling timely and maximally beneficial responses to market situations.

Who is this program for? 

  • People seeking passive income: Execute trades based on recommendations and earn profits without diverting attention from your primary endeavors.
  • Trading beginners: Blend learning with earning, leveraging insights from seasoned professionals.
  • Busy entrepreneurs: Keep your focus on your business and leave the trading to the experts.
  • Investors: Get the best investment opportunities without the constant need for market analysis. 

The "Buy/Sell Crypto Alerts" service offers a convenient, efficient, and streamlined approach to cryptocurrency trading and investing. Regardless of your experience level or busy schedule, this program is guaranteed to be your key to success in this realm. 

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