Pump tracker. Trading robot from Biko Trading. How to make $116,000 out of $1,000 in 3 years!


By Yaroslav Krasko Updated March 06, 2022
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Trading is one of the hardest ways to make easy money. According to statistics, only 7-10% of traders earn in this area. Every successful trader spends about 2-3 years to gain experience and a stable income. But it is a long period of time, and beginners understand this perfectly. That's why beginners are looking for signals, trading systems or robots that would help start earning money in the right away. In turn, experienced traders are ready to share their own systems to earn extra money.


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Based on this, we understand that this is a topical issue. Therefore, in this article we will talk about what trading robot is and present our own automatic trading system - Pump Tracker.

What is a trading robot or automated trading system?

A trading robot or automated trading system is a programmed algorithm that analyzes data and uses them to issue buy and sell signals.

For example, we will show this process on our own trading system. A green background appears on the chart, which is a buy signal. At this point, we just buy Bitcoin and wait.

trading robot for crypto

After the purchase, the price continued to rise for a month. Then the system showed a signal to sell.

trading robot

As a result of this trade, we earned 57% of the profits. The system predicted a fall, we successfully increased our deposit and saved money from falling prices.

trading robot for bitcoin

You may be wondering, how does the trading system work?Everything is simple. A strategy or trading system is an algorithm of factors and actions that a trader uses to make a decision to buy or sell. If a trader has a successful trading strategy, he can program and visualize it for ease of use, both for himself and for users who are granted access.



The advantages of trading robots include:

  • Ease of use. The system is as intuitive as possible and requires the user only to open and close positions according to signals.
  • Availability. A beginner trader does not need to study and gain experience for 2 years. 30 minutes is enough to read the instructions and start earning after the first signal.
  • Absence of emotions. The main enemies of the trader are fear and greed. Many traders lose control under the influence of emotions, which means they lose money. Trading algorithms do not feel emotions, and show signals regardless of the level of fear and greed.
  • Save time. You don't need to spend hours analyzing charts and studying trading, the system will do it for you.
  • Clarity. The human factor has always existed and will always do. The machine cannot miss the signal. It analyzes the data and clearly performs the required function.

One more constant question we get is, do systems bring unprofitable deals? Yes, of course they bring. Any system brings unprofitable deals. The main task of a trader, trading robot or any trading system is to earn more than to lose.

Pump Tracker trading robot

Pump Tracker is an automated trading algorithm that uses data analysis to determine the best Bitcoin buying and selling points. Additionally, the system can be used in futures trading using leverage.

pump tracker trading robot for crypto

In the chart above you can see an example and results of our trading system. The table below shows all trades from 2019. And how much your capital would change using this system. If you started with just $ 1,000, your capital would increase 17 times. And I want to note this is a statistic without the use of leverage and futures trading. With the use of leverage, the results are much higher.

trading robot for crypto profit results

Note that the table has many unprofitable trades, but the profitable ones fully cover failed trades and bring us extra profits.

But now let's look at the results of the strategy, using the minimum leverage x2.

trading robot for bitcoin profit results

The results are impressive. Total 3 years, 38 deals and x116 profit. Almost anyone can find $1,000, and using a trading robot you can turn your thousand dollars into $ 116,000. That is, you can actually become a millionaire with $10,000 in your account. In just 3 years of trading.

For access to the indicator and more information, please visit our website.