Hash Ribbons new signal. Indicator with 100% Win Rate


By Yaroslav Krasko
BikoTrading Academy

We have all been waiting for this for 377 days. It was a year ago that the preliminary signal of the well-known Hash Ribbons indicator appeared. And finally this signal appeared again. Hash Ribbons is one of the few well-known and really effective indicators. Indeed, we have noticed dozens of your comments and questions in our Telegram chat.


  • What is the Hash Ribbons indicator and how exactly does it relate to the Bitcoin Hashrate?
  • What is special about this development and why does the indicator, which has never been wrong, work?
  • Let's explore all the historical trades of Hash Ribbons and find out if this development is really so perfect.
  • Let's answer the most common question: "What to do, and is it possible to buy cryptocurrency?"

In this article, we will analyze this development in great detail and answer your main questions.

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What is Hash Ribbons, why does it work and should you trust this system?

Hash Ribbons is an indicator that determines the difficulty of mining cryptocurrencies. The indicator is based on two moving averages (SMA) of 30 and 60 days, which measure the hash rate of Bitcoin. Periods of falling hashrate signal the disconnection of the equipment of a significant part of the miners. These periods are often called the miners' capitulation. The time when mining becomes unprofitable for some miners. Historically, periods of miner’s capitulation have always been a good buying opportunity. The Hash Ribbons indicator helps to identify these periods.

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Why does it work?

The answer is actually quite simple. Any market operates according to the rules of liquidity. That is, it moves from liquidity (volume) to liquidity (volume).

During periods of miner capitulation, a large amount of liquidity appears in the market. That is, a large number of miners sell their cryptocurrency reserves to cover mining costs. Mining, like any business, has certain costs: mining equipment, electricity, salary for employees, etc.

This time is actively used by big players in order to collect this liquidity. After the big players have accumulated a sufficient amount of liquidity, the market moves into the growth phase. Then, during the growth phase, the big players sell their stocks to the smaller players and it repeats itself over and over again.


Let’s examine Hash Ribbons trades over the past 10 years.

The first signals appeared in 2012-2013. At that time, the cryptocurrency market had almost no ecosystem, and only a few units were engaged in mining. Of course, during this period, no one used a similar trading system, but in any case, this does not prevent us from analyzing the performance of the indicator. Signals appeared almost at the minimum values of the market. After the first signal appeared, the price of Bitcoin instantly fell by 45%, but in the long term, this signal returned 16,000%. The following signals clearly identified good buying spots and also brought 270% and 4,800% profits.

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After the upward phase ended and the downward period also ended, the Hash Ribbons signals appeared again on the chart. We can clearly see that the next three signals appeared at the minimum values of the market. After the appearance of signals, the price almost did not decrease, and all signals appeared at equal price values. From the appearance of signals to the highs of Bitcoin in 2017, the growth was 7,900%. It is also worth noting the appearance of another signal that appeared in the summer of 2016. After the signal, the price almost did not decrease, and before the maximum marks of 2017, the growth was 3,250%.

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The period of 2019 - 2022 was full of signals of miner’s capitulation. The first signal appeared again at the minimum values of the market. After that there was a strong upward trend of 300%. The second signal appeared at the end of 2019. It is worth paying attention to it, after the signal appeared, the price increased by 40%, but after that Bitcoin fell sharply to $3k and if you did not set a stop loss or did not take profit, you had to wait through a loss of almost 50%.

The third and fourth signals appeared at the price points of $8-9k. After the appearance of signals, the price did not decrease and before the appearance of the next signal, the price increased by 150%. Next we see another intermediate signal. From the signal to the market highs, the price increased by 230%.

After reaching the price mark of $65k, there was a sharp drop of Bitcoin by 50%. It was at this time, at the highs of the market, that the largest mass of people came to the cryptocurrency market. Most of you remember this period very well. Then the last signal of this period appeared. From the signal to the highs of the market, the price increased by 50%.

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And finally, it happened again, 1 year after the last signal, Hash Ribbons signals that it's time to buy cryptocurrency.

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What to do and is it possible to buy cryptocurrency?

Having analyzed Hash Ribbons trades, we already know that buying cryptocurrency after a signal is always a good idea. But we also know that there were cases when the price locally decreased by almost 50% after the signal. Of course, this is causing some concerns and you want to understand whether now is really a safe time to buy cryptocurrency.

The Greenwich system and other developments of the Greenwich program will help us answer this question.

The Greenwich system is a ready-made automated trading indicator that never made a mistake in its signals, and due to the use of Bitcoin futures, it increased the initial investment by 130 times in the period 2019-2021. A few weeks ago, the Greenwich system began to signal the purchase of cryptocurrency. The first signal appeared at the $19k price tag.

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Our other development, which you can see in the chart below, allows you to determine the end, the beginning of the cryptocurrency cycle and the direction of the trend. This system also starting at $19k suggests that now is a good opportunity to buy Bitcoin and Altcoins.

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Another system that allows you to determine the fundamental value of the cryptocurrency market says that $17 - 23k is the level of fundamental value and the best opportunity for buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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Every system, no matter how perfect it is, can make mistakes. No system, trader, investor, your acquaintance who understands cryptocurrency, can know with 100% probability what will happen tomorrow. There will be growth or decline. If someone says that tomorrow there will be 100% growth and you need to buy Bitcoin and altcoins, just run away from such people. After all, sooner or later with this approach you will lose your money.

Going back to our conclusion, we can see with our own eyes that a large number of systems are saying that right now is the perfect time to buy cryptocurrency. We will find out whether it is so or not in the near future. Remember, this information is not a financial recommendation. You and only you are responsible for your own financial decisions. If you want to get access to our trading systems, which will help you increase your capital by 50 - 100 times in the next 1.5 years, fill out the form below.