For beginners

You are interested in cryptocurrency, want to understand how the market works or are already involved in the crypto area, but need more in-depth knowledge – we can help you understand the intricacies of the crypto market and share working ways to earn on the crypto exchanges. We are well aware of how difficult it is to take the first step and are here to help you make sense of the complex world of cryptocurrency. With huge experience in trading, we will guide your start of earning extra passive income online from digital currencies. Our course aims to give you a confident start in your crypto trading career, learning proven strategies and tactics in simple and clear words. Together we will learn how to determine market movements with high precision, analyze the prospective coins and allocate the capital competently in order to achieve stable profits.

Knowing the basics is the first step on the way to the top

Where to invest? Is cryptocurrency complicated? Should I start learning to trade crypto ? Undoubtedly, these questions worry every investor who wants to achieve financial success and not earn pennies on bank deposits. Back in 2018, many users decided to abandon deposits with sluggish rates, giving preference to cryptocurrency. And they did not regret it, because amid the pandemic, investing in some crypto products brought real benefits.
Just look at what is happening to bitcoin lately! This cryptocurrency is breaking new and new price records. It is steadily moving towards the $100,000 mark that experts have set for 2022. The first cryptocurrency is also leading altcoins, some of which have already grown to double or even triple digits.
But over time, the market evolves, and the crypto market is full of pitfalls that newcomers stumble upon. You can lose money buying, storing digital coins, and making transactions. However, it’s not a reason to refuse from wide possibilities to earn money, which are opened by the new type of assets. Choosing the right crypto academy will help you find your profitable way in cryptocurrency. Our cryptocurrency trading course for beginners will help you dive into the world of trading and maximize your potential.

Advanced crypto academy is Bikotrading

Beginners tend to cling to any information that they think will be useful. In fact, even experienced traders stumble on it. Sometimes arguments in favor of strategies, indicators and other tools based on technical analysis seem convincing. Often their creators give positive examples, and that is what bribes gullible traders. But why pay for dubious trading algorithms if you can learn to trade crypto from real professionals and then create your own, probably more personalized trading systems.
Bikotrading Academy is a professional team that created an effective cryptocurrency trading course and is ready to share its many years of experience with its students. Top traders and cryptocurrency market leaders will help to master the basics of crypto trading and achieve the desired level of earnings. The experts will help to set the right vector for further development of a novice trader. We are sure that to become a true pro, you should learn how to use received tricks, to develop and test your own strategy, which will correspond to the trader’s individual characteristics best. Our crypto academy is ready to support you in this way and show that learning to trade crypto is a great skill!
Our crypto academy is a leader in the crypto market, helping many to learn to trade crypto and reach their desired level of earnings in the crypto industry. We teach how to work with real instruments on real deals, all applied technologies are tested by us on hundreds of trading situations. Our course will not only lay out the techniques we use, increasing your trading results, but also teach you how to work with advanced software for automated trading, as well as for in-depth market analysis. Our strategies work in any market
Results are not dependent on current market conditions. The strategies used in our advanced crypto academy allow stable trading in any market conditions. Intensive personalized training
Personalized training with experienced traders allows you to get the most out of your personal preferences and trading conditions. Fast results
Exit any unprofitable positions and turn them into profitable ones. Together we will correct any mistakes in investment strategies.

Cryptocurrency trading course for beginners

Cryptocurrency market doesn’t tolerate playing on luck. Retail traders and large traders compete here. Some take their winnings, others leave the market empty-handed, and sometimes with debts. That’s why you must take trading in digital assets seriously, calculate every step and think about the possible undesirable consequences.
Structured material. Unlike analytical online resources where material is scattered, all information in our course is ordered and consistent, which allows the trader to gradually delve into the world of cryptocurrencies. Being organized will be a great start and will help you systematize your personal plan of how to start learning about cryptocurrency .
Mistakes analysis. Students of our crypto academy have a direct connection with the mentors, so they can ask all the questions, clarify all the details and get to the bottom of all the nuances that may arise for inexperienced traders when working with the author’s trading strategies.
Interactivity. Studying trading on your own, you are presented to yourself. There is no one to tell you what you’re doing wrong. Of course, you can always ask on forums, but “advisors” may not really know more than you do. Our course mentors will work on your mistakes and tell you what direction to take the course in. At any time you can ask questions and find solutions to your problems with the help of more experienced crypto traders in our community.
Rationality. In addition to the benefits of joining our advanced crypto academy , you can save time and nerves that inexperienced traders waste, struggling through the hard way of trading on their own and without help. More than 8 years of experience from truly successful traders is available in one course, together with the support of our experienced mentors.

Skills you need to learn to trade in crypto

Every day new players come to the market and see complex and often incomprehensible charts with bars and candles, while they see chart motion as just a random oscillation up or down. Learning to trade crypto can be a challenging task, but not at our cryptocurrency academy . We follow the success of our students and help them grow with us.
Many beginning traders are based solely on intuition. They don’t have basic skills allowing them to understand the market and its mechanisms in detail. Meanwhile, the market is a complex tool that requires accurate technical analysis. To successfully trade in the cryptocurrency market, several skills need to be mastered. In our course we review and develop skills you need to learn to trade in crypto .
Ability to read market movements. You need to understand that the market is not chaos, but a controlled movement controlled by large and medium-sized players. Naturally, many small players influence the movement of the chart to some extent, but most of the changes in the market arise as a result of the actions of investment funds, large companies and economic structures.
Measuring levels. Levels are certain lines on the chart, from which the price has changed its direction of movement. Lines are quite conventional, but if you look at the daily chart – levels can be clearly seen. If you don’t know how to set levels, there is a big risk of falling into the main trap of trading – to buy a coin at high levels and sell it at the fall, thereby fixing the loss.
Analysis of the cryptocurrency and its trading volume. A trader who has decided to try himself in this type of trading must be very observant – it is necessary to monitor quotes online. Operational thinking is also a must for a crypto trader. It is necessary to accurately determine the local market entry point. For cryptocurrency technical analysis academy specialists always monitor the market situation. We are sure that fundamental and technical analysis is a must to create a successful trading strategy and to implement it later. In our crypto academy, we regularly share with our students the profitable moments of making deals and forecasts of different coins. We’re always on the lookout for bargains, and we keep our crypto community members informed about them.

Benefits of our Crypto academy

Our video lessons and workshops on Youtube offer a wealth of information that’s updated daily. Our video lessons allow you to visualize in real time how to trade on the financial markets. This kind of material is easier to absorb and there are less questions. Watching our trading educational videos, you can get to know our trainers better and get to know the intricacies of our work. You can also see in the broadcasts and reviews how much our team loves their business, what we offer and if the course is right for you individually.
Our cryptocurrency trading course for beginners is a treasure trove of useful information, lots of trading examples and implementation of various trading strategies. We’ve combined the experience of several professionals to develop our own trading course. Based on our professional experience we elaborate and adapt strategies in line with the latest trends as well as compose detailed instructions for trainees helping them to evolve from a beginner to a pro.
Learning not to lose, but to increase capital is one of the main skills that novice investors and traders in the cryptocurrency market, as well as in other markets, should learn. We follow this principle confidently at our advance crypto academy , implementing it every step of the way. It is important for long term capital growth. If you don’t know how to prevent losses, then the profits will be leveled by unsuccessful trades. That’s why learning to trade crypto with professionals should be a priority for a beginner, because our mentors have been through many ups and downs of the market, learned how to manage their capital and are ready to share their secrets of success.

Our Cryptocurrency academy trainers

Bikotrading Academy mentors are professional traders who hold top positions on the Ukrainian crypto market and in the sector in general. Their skills include not only thorough understanding of the market, cryptocurrency movements or forecasting changes, but also the ability to share their rich experience to learn to trade crypto efficiently and with high returns.
Yuriy Bishko has experience with different coins and strategies. He has 8 years of experience in the cryptocurrency market, thousands of successful deals and a lot of knowledge that he shares with his students. He is especially interested in the psychology of trading, discipline as well as evaluating and improving risk management and strategy building. Such a rich experience in the forex market and subsequent continuing career in the cryptocurrency sector has given him a unique opportunity to understand the structure and mechanisms of the market.
Artem Dishel regularly practices different ways of implementing new trading strategies, gradually perfecting his unique trading style. He has 6 years in the crypto market, during which he has developed a highly profitable trading strategy. His valuable skills include understanding the ebb and flow of market structure over multiple time periods. He is an adaptable expert to all market conditions.
Our mentors know how to learn to trade crypto , reach the desired financial heights and get a new modern profession. Our top traders will introduce newbies to the market terminology, variety of coins and history of leading cryptocurrencies during training. Experts will help choose a secure platform for trading and analyze it to evaluate the opportunities provided by various options and features. They guarantee a visual cryptocurrency technical analysis academy provides on a regular basis. Mentors will support you in choosing certain cryptocurrencies to work with, with a preliminary analysis of the rate dynamics for each of the leading assets of this category, and will help you determine the best moment to enter the market with the opening of an order and obligatory monitoring of the rate movement, waiting for the appropriate moment to complete the transaction.

Learning to day trade beginner crypto

Day trading is the basic strategy that we explore in our crypto currency academy course and it’s about entering and exiting a position within 24 hours. Obviously, this style is a very active trading strategy that requires accurate market tracking. It can be highly profitable, but it can also involve significant risk. Our VIP community regularly publishes all current market events and highly accurate forecasts, so its members can forget about worries and sleepless market monitoring.
Many people say that day-trading is suitable mainly for experienced traders, but beginners can learn this strategy at the cryptocurrency trading course for beginners as well.
Technical analysis is often used to determine which assets to trade in a day-trade. Since profits in such a short period of time are usually minimal, you can use a wider variety of assets to try and maximize your profits. Nevertheless, some people can trade exclusively in the same pair for years. Our mentors at crypto academy are sure to show you different ways to create different profitable pairs that you can modify as you gain experience and develop your trading career. We will show you how to start learning crypto trading and get the most out of it.

Where to begin learning about crypto currency

Trading digital assets is quite a risky trade. The price of cryptocurrencies is volatile and can fluctuate by 10-20% per day, sometimes by 50% or more. Due to this, inexperienced users may have an impression that trading can bring huge profits almost every day. But practice shows the opposite, as a rule 90% of newbies lose most of their capital in the short-term and leave the market. But we are sure that even newbies without any experience can earn on cryptocurrency HYIP, but they need to start trading crypto, to be very careful and not to risk large amounts of money. At our advance crypto academy we use a secure trading platform, where you can trade safely and confidently and multiply your capital.
You should take your preparation for learning and trading cryptocurrencies very seriously and in this case security is very important if you want to learn to trade crypto . We pay special attention to it at our crypto currency academy . There are some general rules in crypto-trading: use long and complex passwords, change them periodically, and don’t use the same one on different sites. Don’t click on suspicious links and don’t leave personal data on sites you don’t trust. We ask you to remember this rule, as it will serve as a guarantee of security and safety of your data.
Learning to trade crypto is a long and fascinating process of learning a new craft. Our mentors will help make this process as easy as possible and turn it into an interesting and profitable activity. Together, we’ll help you choose the right strategy and determine how to store your currency.
Since exchanges are best suited for trading digital assets, our advance crypto academy has prepared a list of safe exchanges in advance. There, the client can sell or buy cryptocurrency at any time, as well as take advantage of additional options.
When the choice is made, the only thing left is to buy the cryptocurrency itself. The process of learning to trade crypto also includes getting practical experience of trading. Large trading platforms allow you to do this through payment systems, as well as with the help of bank cards. Our crypto academy mentors provide all the necessary instructions for the process of buying cryptocurrency during the course. All the knowledge gained can be put into practice right away!
You can also start trading cryptocurrency with a practice account. Some exchanges allow you to create an account with a virtual balance. This will allow you to get acquainted with the market and the trading floor structure, to practice. Then it is possible to deposit a small amount to the exchange. Failures are inevitable, but it is an obligatory stage of a trader’s development. Our crypto currency academy will do its best to maximize the speed of successful trading for our students, we will get them through the difficult moments together and teach them safe and profitable trading. Our mentors will help beginners to understand their psychology: whether they can tolerate market volatility and not make panic, erroneous trades, control themselves and make decisions with a cool head.


How to learn to trade crypto?

It is better to start your acquaintance with the world of cryptocurrency by choosing a right mentor who will share your experience and teach you in a shorter period of time what you have spent several years on. At our cryptocurrency academy , the mentors have vast experience and can actually demonstrate successful deals and high returns. They will tell you where to begin learning about crypto currency , share their materials and give you a good number of practical lessons. While learning to trade crypto , our students can choose a trading strategy appropriate for themselves, learn its features, choose the most profitable way to store coins and think about their future actions in advance.

How to start learning crypto trading?

Easy! Join our bitcoin crypto academy and you will get all the experience you need to advance in the world of cryptocurrency. We will help you to avoid many mistakes of both beginners and experienced traders. We don’t chase fantastic profits, we make real money. We adhere to the rules of money management, earn large sums and develop in crypto-trading. We are not the lucky ones who managed to get rich at the start, we are professionals and experts in our business. It’s better to gradually increase your turnover.

How to start learning about cryptocurrency?

Nowadays, the cryptocurrency market is no longer subject to rapid ups and downs, although it is highly dynamic compared to the conventional currency pair segment. Cryptocurrency trading involves a careful prior study of the terminology and history of each selected asset. Therefore, it is imperative to address theory, and learning to day trade beginner crypto in Bikotrading Academy will create the necessary theoretical basis. For example, you can read scientific literature on trading, listen to some lectures on the subject, take a cryptocurrency trading course for beginners , and get acquainted with technical and fundamental analysis. All that will help not only to see ups and downs of asset prices on charts, but also to try to predict them. Studying literature and experience of other traders and investors you can also master different trading strategies.