Complete investing 30X-strategy on BTC 2024


By Yaroslav Krasko Updated February 29, 2024
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You can literally copy-paste our strategic plan to earn an extremely high profit between 10 to 30X. Even if you follow some of the recommendations here, you will be better than 90% of financial players, but if you follow them all, then 2024 will be the most successful market period in your experience.

The law of functioning of the crypto market, that experts are silent about

This is a chart that perfectly describes how all markets work. The cryptocurrency market is cyclical and fully corresponds to this model.

bitcoin smart money strategy

Please note that the cycle is divided into 4 phases. The first 2 phases are the time to buy, the 3rd phase is the time to sell, the 4th phase is rest and waiting for new opportunities. Then everything is repeated again and again.

Hard to believe?

The following slides are proof of such market dynamics.

crypto bitcoin cycles

The first Bitcoin cycle

bitcoin cycles

The second Bitcoin cycle

btc cycles

The third Bitcoin cycle

crypto cycles

The fourth Bitcoin cycle

cryptocurrency cycles

The new Bitcoin cycle

bitcoin cycles

So, the crypto market is cyclical and repeatable. Today, the 4 phases of the market are the only reliable law of its existence. By following the four market phases, you can get extremely high-quality profits and "get out of the game" in time.

The only fundamental and technical metrics that matter

In the following slides we will show you what our developments tell us, as well as the main economic and on-chain indicators.

Greenwich indicator - one of the best and most profitable of our developments began to signal that the cryptocurrency market has reached the fundamental zone (minimum values). This is the time of the best opportunities, which happens once in 4 years.

greenwich signals

Bitcoin Cost Indicator - the indicator determines the levels of bitcoin cost and the levels of miners' surrender. Historically, the cost level has always been the best opportunity to buy cryptocurrency.

 bitcoin product cost

Another of our own developments that defines the zone of Bitcoin's fundamental value and the level of capitulation of retail players (weak hands - players who do not understand the dynamics of price behavior, the model that is shown in the first slide). Statistically, it was found that the best time to start buying any asset is exactly the level of capitulation of retail players.

 bitcoin the best time to buy

An additional development of ours, trend identifier is an indicator that determines in advance the end and beginning of the cryptocurrency cycle, the accumulation zone of the cryptocurrency (the time when you need to buy), the beginning and reversal of the trend.

 bitcoin the best indicator

Long-Term Investor Value Map - technical indicators are very important tools, but it is equally important to evaluate fundamental (on-chain) indicators. It is known that large players in 90% of cases buy cryptocurrency at the bottom of the market. With the help of this map, we see that large investors have already started to accumulate cryptocurrency.

bitcoin whale map

Bitcoin realized cap hodl is another metric that helps to explore the number of short-term and long-term market players. At the moment, we can clearly see that the number of long-term holders has significantly increased and the number of short-term cryptocurrency holders has significantly decreased. This means that the market has recovered and now is a good time to start buying.

bitcoin hodl waves

Net Unrealized Profit/Loss - one of the most important metrics that you should definitely pay attention to is the levels of realized profit and loss. Red color indicates the levels of maximum loss, if the price reaches red values, it means that the market is panicking and people are selling their cryptocurrency at a loss.

glassnode NUPL

So, I found that during the market capitulation all the main technical and fundamental metrics point that the market is undervalued and oversold. And this time is now!

Why trading with indicators is the most profitable

It is impossible to perfectly determine the bottom of Bitcoin, but with the help of our systems and the above metrics we can do it as close as possible. According to most fundamental and technical indicators, the price of cryptocurrency is in the stage of accumulation.

bitcoin investment strategy 2023

The accumulation zone is in the range of $23k-$11k. Current price marks are a very good opportunity to invest in the market. The target for the current state is in the range of $180k - $220k. Potential profit on condition of investing in Bitcoin is 1000% (X10). The upper dynamic lines of the Greenwich indicator in the process of cryptocurrency growth can change, so the target can be much higher.

 the best strategy for bitcoin

So, by using indicators for trading, your capital is always secure and you do not make impulsive decisions. This allows you to buy, hold, and sell BTC at the most suitable time.

Here is our strategy and recommendations for 2024

Below, you can find a step-by-step algorithm for trading and diversifying capital between Bitcoin and Altcoins with a minimum potential profit of 10X.

bitcoin investment strategyy

Analyzing the dynamics of previous cycles, we can say that now there will be a medium-term increase to $30-40 thousand, after which a reversal will begin, the price will be adjusted to $20 thousand, possibly even lower (we will analyze this locally). At this time, the best opportunity to buy will once again arise.

trading indicator for bitcoin

After that, a gradual rise to the main targets of $180-200 thousand will start, where the end of this cycle will occur and a new bear market will begin.

So, following this strategy, you can increase your balance by 1000%. But if you use the Greenwich indicator, your profit can be 50-70X.

Current results

Two weeks ago, the Greenwich indicator showed a new signal (blue zone), and this signal has already brought +32% profit to the number of my BTC, while at the same time, the price of Bitcoin has grown by 35%, which in total brought more than 20% profit to the balance.

crypto indicator for bitcoin

What does it mean? My clients and I have made a profit)

And most importantly, the emergence of such signals indicates that Bitcoin has reached its minimum fundamental values and the next 2 years will be the best opportunity to make money in the cryptocurrency market.



The main thing in investments is to have patience and not to run for quick money. In the cryptocurrency market, you can get +200% to your deposit per year, understanding the simple concepts from this guide. The table below is a great example of how your deposit will change from $2000, provided that you earn +200% per year. In 6 years, you will already become a millionaire.

how to make 1 million on crypto

Respectfully, Yaroslav Krasko