Is Bitcoin dead? Top 3 reasons why Bitcoin is not dead!


By Yaroslav Krasko
BikoTrading Academy


Bitcoin is dead, recession or the end of cryptocurrencies, these are the headlines, statements or sentiments of market participants we can notice for the last six months. So you will learn in this article if it is true and why our subconscious is so manipulated.


  • Why are Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market not dead?
  • Is there really a global recession now?
  • How do big players manipulate our emotions?
  • When will the fall of cryptocurrencies end and growth begin?

There is a list of the main questions above that are of most interest to traders and investors today. Below, I will reveal each of these questions in detail. No water, only real facts, fundamental and technical indicators.

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Why is Bitcoin alive and how do big players manipulate us?

History repeats itself. Time, statistics, and data analysis are the means by which we can analyze similar situations in the past, understand how the price behaved in the past, and based on this predict the price behavior in the future.

Bitcoin is dead again

Below there is a chart of Bitcoin price and a chart of "Bitcoin is dead" search queries. If we analyze and compare these charts with each other, we will notice an interesting pattern. Every time the price of bitcoin decreased, the search query "Bitcoin is dead" increased. And interestingly, the peak values of this query in Google search always coincided with the lows of Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market.

bitcoin is dead

Buying cryptocurrency at this time has always been a good opportunity. Of course, this indicator alone is not enough to make financial decisions, but it is still a good additional indicator to pay attention to.

If you decide to start buying cryptocurrency. We recommend using the DCA trading system. With this strategy, you can get a good average purchase price, almost at the very lows of the market. Looking ahead, I want to say that our systems, for a long time, starting from $19k, have been signaling that the cryptocurrency market has reached its lows and that now is a good time to buy Bitcoin and altcoins. But what kind of systems, we will consider it at the end of this article.


The same applies to the search query ʼRecessionʼ. Recently we constantly hear that there is a recession in the world. Of course, at the moment the world has accumulated enough problems, but still in my opinion it is not a recession.  The world index S&P 500 reflects the real situation with the world economy. If we also compare the chart of S&P 500 and the chart of search query: ʼRecessionʼ we will also notice a similar pattern. Additionally, I would like to note that the financial reports of the world's largest companies for the last 2 quarters exceeded all expectations of experts. And the next reports are likely to be no less positive.

Now I propose you deal with the question: ʼWhy is it that whenever cryptocurrencies were down more than 70% from their highs, and the search query ʼBitcoin is deadʼ was on the rise, these were the best buying opportunities?ʼ


How are we manipulated?

The answer is quite simple. Big players need liquidity. That is, sellers who will want to sell their cryptocurrency to them. If you are a big player in the market and want to buy more than 2 thousand Bitcoins, you simply will not be able to do it. After all, there are simply not so many sellers on the market at the price you want to buy. In case you decide to buy cryptocurrency on the market, the price will simply soar by several tens of percent. And your purchase price will be much higher.

In order to get enough liquidity, big players often promote negative news. Negative news + price drop, or long and necessary market consolidation successfully do their job. As a result, small players panic and sell their coins at the lowest market values. So money passes from weak hands to strong and smart ones.

is bitcoin dead

There is a complete chart above that describes just perfectly how any market works. Of course, you can say that it is only in the picture, but let's compare it with Bitcoin charts in the past.

Bitcoin chart 2012-2015.

crypto is dead

Bitcoin chart 2015-2018.

is crypto dead

If we compare the previous charts with the first chart, we will notice almost 100% similarity.

what happened with crypto

This is how markets work. Everything is repeated again and again. In our case, the main task is to correctly identify these phases and use them for our own purposes.

When will the fall of cryptocurrency end and growth begin?

Since Bitcoin reached the price mark of $19k, all Greenwich systems began to signal that now is the best time to buy cryptocurrency.

Our first and most important development, Greenwich, showed one of the main signals, namely: green rubies, which previously always indicated the lows of the cryptocurrency market. This is a rather rare signal that appears once every 3-4 years.

the best place to buy cryptoAnother development that identifies full market cycles, determines the trend and its change, also showed a buy signal.

the crypto bottom

And one of the main developments also indicates that $23k-17k is the fundamental value of Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market.

where is the cryptocurrency bottom

The current price levels are the best opportunity in the last few years to start buying Bitcoin and altcoins. Using the DCA strategy you will not lose and 100% get an excellent average purchase price. And in a few years, cryptocurrency will grow again and bring you more than 1000% profit.

If you want to get access to the Greenwich trading systems, fill in the form below. Over the next 2 years we plan to earn 5 000% profit to our initial balance.